3 Free Camera Apps For Your Next Hike


Smartphones have taken a tremendous leap forward in the last couple of years regarding camera quality. What used to be little more than a novelty feature has become one of the most polished and useful functions on your mobile device, and has made serious inroads into replacing stand alone digital cameras entirely.

If you’re one of the many hikers who have stopped lugging along an additional camera in favor of snapping some scenery with your smartphone, here are 3 free apps that will help your photos better capture the moment:

Photo Editor–Fotolr

If you’re looking for something that will let you play around with your photos once you’re back at your campsite—but you don’t want to shell out $9.99 or more for a pro version—then this is your app. It has a remarkable range of editing and cropping options, more than enough to keep you busy while waiting for your Faceboook friends to comment on your latest scenic vista. There are several upgrades available if you’re interested, but if you’re just looking for a free editor than you can’t do better.

Camera Awesome

Need an all-purpose app to help you better flex your phone’s camera muscle? Camera Awesome by SmugMug can help you with that. Among other standouts, the composition tool gives you a tremendous amount of range for your photo palettes. As with most apps these days, there are pro upgrades available, going anywhere from $1.99 to $9.99, but the core app, with its considerable suite of features, is available free of charge.


This app will help you capture that perfect group shot, or the photo of you triumphantly hoisting your mountain bike over your head as the sun goes down behind you. With a variety of ways to set a timer for your smartphone camera, you’ll never have to worry about that blurry nonsense that happens when the camera goes off as you’re desperately running back into the frame. As of this writing, the TimerCam app is  100% free, with no additional add-ons or upgrades needed or offered.

These apps will help you get the most out of your smartphone camera on your next hiking trip, letting you leave your bulkier digital camera at home, and giving you one less thing to strap to your body during your day-long journey through nature.

Author bio:

John is a tech blogger who gave up his digital camera when he picked up his iPhone 5. He writes for protectyourbuble.com, an Internet insurer of smartphones, tablets, and many other gadgets.


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