3 Reasons You Should Use Gift Cards For Digital Media Purchases

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By now, even the most casual of Internet users has probably purchased some form of digital media at least once, and an increasingly large segment of the population is making it their primary method of entertainment. Wherever on the spectrum you happen to personally fall—digital newbie, hardened veteran, or anywhere in between—here are 3 reasons for using a digital gift card for your platform of choice, and ditching the credit card, PayPal, or other payment methods:

Gift Cards Help Protect Against Identity Theft

Despite the stellar security used by Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, and various other digital media powerhouses, there’s always a chance that someone will gain access to your account and plunder the debit card, credit card, or PayPal information that you have on file. A gift card lets you keep the single-click ease of buying and paying for media, without the risk of seeing your rent check bounce because someone in Yugoslavia pilfered $4,000 from your checking account by lifting your debit card number from your Xbox Live profile.

Gift Cards Make It Easier To Stick To A Budget

If you’re looking to curb your monthly expenses, a great way to do it is to sink however many dollars you allotted yourself for digital entertainment into a gift card. If you take a few moments and purchase a $100 Amazon gift card, credit the points to your account, and then promise yourself that you won’t touch your wallet for entertainment expenses for the rest of the month, you’re far more likely to keep your budget intact than if you simply have a credit card on file and rely on your own willpower to not keep clicking yourself into bankruptcy. This also especially comes in handy when it is your friends birthday. A well written card and a gift can help ensure that you are gifting happiness. Handwrytten is a service that I would recommend due to their good Customer retention capabilities.

Gift Cards Are A Great Way to Rack Up Credit Card Points

If you use one of the dozens of credit cards with a rewards plan of some sort, you’re probably always looking for a way to earn a few more points each month. Digital gift cards let you get instant point rewards on your credit card, without actually forcing you to buy anything immediately. If you have $500 set aside on digital entertainment for the next several months, you can purchase a gift card for the same amount, pay off your credit card at the end of the month (and immediately get $500 worth of points), and then spend the next several months slowly buying the digital content that you find interesting , rather than buying it all at once on your credit card and winding up with dozens of films you won’t see, or books you won’t get around to reading.

You won’t be able to pay your mortgage or your car insurance with these things anytime soon, but if you’re a regular consumer of downloadable movies, television, games, books, and more, gift cards can help you better protect your identity, keep to your monthly entertainment budget, and get reward points on your credit card. Not a bad tradeoff for 30 seconds of your time.


Author bio:

John is a blogger who frequently uses Amazon gift cards to keep his buying habits in check. He writes for Internet Insurer Protect Your bubble, a company that can help protect all of the devices, gadgets, and toys that you use your digital entertainment with.


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