4 Reasons To Use A Solar Joos Orange Portable Charger On Your Next Camping Trip

solar joos orange portable charger

Not that long ago, powering your gadgets on a weekend camping trip meant lugging a crate of batteries along with you. Today, there isn’t much left that doesn’t run on a far more efficient, rechargeable internal battery—great news when you’re within range of an electrical outlet, but somewhat inconvenient when you’re in the deep woods.

To fill this need, solar-powered chargers have been cropping up in recent years, and the technology has advanced rapidly, going from an expensive gimmick to a fully usable energy source. If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly way to keep your smartphone, tablet, and even your laptop charged while you’re reconnecting with mother nature, here are 4 reasons you should consider the Solar Joos Orange Charger:

It’s One Of the Most Efficient Chargers Currently Out There

If you’ve ever toyed with a solar charger before, you know that it can take a frustratingly long time to even get a blip on the meter going, with a full day in the sun needed before you can even tell if it’s working properly. In all honesty, there isn’t currently a solar device out there that charges as efficiently as we’d all like, but the Solar Joos Orange is as close as it gets for its size and price. 18-22 hours of sunlight will generate a full battery, which has enough juice to charge a smartphone 2.5 times from dead to 100%. Cut that in half, and you’ve got enough energy to charge a single smartphone after 8-10 hours, which is definitely a usable time-length. Filling up your tablet or laptop battery will take most of a full charge from the Solar Joos Orange, which basically means you need an entire day and a half of summertime daylight before you’re ready to go, but that number still compares favorably to the solar panels that take days of direct sunlight to generate the equivalent juice.

It’s Incredibly Durable

The Solar Joos Orange is clearly meant to withstand the occasional beating that all camping gear takes, which is a far cry from the delicate nature of most portable solar panels. The Orange is waterproof—it can even charge in light rain—and there aren’t any fragile edges or additions that can be easily knocked loose. The other main problem with portable chargers is dirt and dust; depending on where you’re camping, you may return to your site after an afternoon in the woods to find that your charger has a layer of wind-deposited dirt coating the panel, making the last 6 hours of charge time useless. The Solar Joos Orange is far more forgiving than the more fragile chargers out there, and while I still wouldn’t leave it out in the elements unnecessarily, I’ve yet to do any damage to the unit, and it’s never failed to generate at least some charge, no matter the weather conditions.

It’s Very Forgiving With Various Light Conditions

Even if you’re in a pristine location that protects your charger from rain and dust, you may still find that a slightly cloudy day has completely ruined your charge time. Earlier generations of portable chargers were notoriously sensitive to anything less than clear, 100% direct sunlight, and while most models from the last couple of years are relatively free of that hindrance, you may still find them considerably inefficient when a particular day doesn’t have the sun-dappled look of a Disney cartoon. The Solar Joos Orange is the best charger I’ve used so far for cloudy days; I’ve found that I’ve always gotten at least some charge out of the panel, even on overcast days that later led to rain. Additionally, the Orange is easy to strap to a backpack and efficient enough to not need direct sunlight at all times, which makes it ideal to take on a hike with you, letting you keep an eye on your valuable property, charge up the battery while you’re on the go, and giving you a source of energy in an emergency.

It’s The Best Deal For the Price And Size

At $150, the Solar Joos Orange isn’t going to appeal to those who camp once or twice a year; leaving your gadgets behind is easy to do when it’s a relatively rare occurrence, and there are a variety of portable batteries that you can charge from your home’s outlet and then take with you as a backup, giving your phone a little bit of juice as needed. Portable solar chargers are for those who like to spend significant time away from the modern world, but don’t want to leave their modern gadgets behind. If you’ve got the wallet for it—and the patience to work with a fairly complicated piece of tech—there are a variety of collapsible solar panels that can generate more energy per use than the Solar Joos Orange. But if you want a nice introductory charger that can be lugged around like any other piece of camping gear, works in lowlight conditions, and still manages to keep your gadgets charged, the Orange is a great way to go.

Author bio:

John is a blogger who is still waiting for the world to create a solar-powered car that doesn’t look like a failed Transformer. He writes for gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble, who can help protect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and any other device that you can power with a solar charger.


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