4 Ways For Hardcore Gamers To Enjoy Mobile Gaming

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In our mobile gadget-saturated age, a common theme in business speculation is, due to the increasingly sophisticated gaming capabilities of tablets and smartphones, will they one day soon put an end to video game consoles and high-end gaming PCs? It’s true that mobile gaming apps outsell their console and PC counterparts several times over, but serious gamers are likely to scoff at the idea that $1.99 puzzle games are in the same category as $60 console offerings that feature Hollywood screenwriters, major voice acting talent, summer-blockbuster budgets, and years of dedication from the most talented programmers in the world. Sometimes even serious games  might need a little help, services like www.iwantcheats.net can help you provide cheat codes which keeps you moving in the game. This seeming naivety from consumer analysts (combined with the simplistic nature of most mobile gaming apps) can lead many gamers to shy away from mobile games entirely, which is a mistake. So if you’re looking to experience what smartphones and tablets have to offer—without comparing the experience to a triple-A console title on a 60-inch LED screen—here are 4 ways that hardcore gamers can get the most out of mobile gaming:

Go For The Nostalgic Games

Gaming has progressed more rapidly than any other entertainment medium in history, tied as it is to the exponential growth of the computer industry. This means that there is a tremendous gulf between games from two decades ago and present day titles, like the difference between one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s failed designs for a flying machine and a 757. The advantage that mobile gaming offers is that these older titles are easy to run, easy to pick-up for a few moments, and aren’t meant to compare to modern powerhouses. Playing Tetris, Oregon Trail, Pac-Man, and more on your smartphone doesn’t feel like an inferior replacement for your Xbox 360—just a way to kill a few minutes on the subway ride home.

Consider Staying Away From Paid Apps

Despite some of the truly addictive titles out there, paying for your mobile games makes you feel like you have to play it to get your money’s worth. And unlike the casual crowd, serious gamers usually have a backlog of several console or PC titles to get through as it is, with hundreds of dollars of content to be explored. Paying for a mobile title will inevitably mean comparing it to the meatier games in your backlog—which will quickly cause you to abandon the app in favor of killing off $300 worth of PS3 games first. If you want to make mobile apps a component of your overall gaming experience, you’re better off playing the freebies and demos, and saving your money for the real thing at home.

Avoid Mobile Tie-Ins With Existing Franchises

In recent years, it’s become more common for full-length console or PC games to have a scaled-down mobile addition: Arkham City, Halo, and countless other franchises have gone down this road. If you’re a fan of the real thing, your best bet is to skip the mobile offerings entirely—you’ll only be disappointed in the comparison, which may sour your mobile gaming experience as a whole.

Consider Connecting A Controller To Your Mobile Device

One of the biggest complaints from serious gamers is the drop in quality when going from a molded, ergonomically-perfect console controller to the simple touch screen interface of mobile gaming. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, as there are several apps that let you connect modern controllers to your smartphone or tablet, either with a micro-USB connection or via Bluetooth. If, despite your backlog, you decide to pick up a few paid apps for your mobile device, a controller makes the whole thing into a more authentic and rewarding experience. Obviously, this isn’t something you’d use while in line for your burrito, but if you’re taking an extended trip somewhere and your smartphone battery has plenty of fuel left in the tank, connecting a PS3 controller to play a mobile port of GTA III can be a great way to flex your phone’s processing muscle, as well as satiating your need for more substantive gaming while on the go.

Nothing’s really going to replace your home setup for gaming. But if you get into the mobile scene with the right expectations, you may find an additional outlet that can provide a few minutes of diversion and entertainment, and that doesn’t detract from your overall gaming experience.

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John is a blogger who rarely plays the more popular gaming apps, but has frequently rediscovered games from his childhood that provide a nice jolt of nostalgia. He writes for Internet insurer Protect Your Bubble, who can help protect your phone, tablet, and any other device that you can game on.


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