Amazing Vacuum Cleaning Technology Hits Big Industry


The next biggest innovation isn’t coming out of Apple, or Google. It’s in a slightly less exciting industry, but for those involved, the news is no less joyous.

We’re talking about a company called Triton Industries, and their newest line of products, which act as improved substitutes for more traditional vacuum trucks.

So yes, that’s why you’ve probably not heard of it. The vacuum truck industry tends to get less airplay than those stories from the major technology companies. But vacuum trucks are seen in many different environments in our society, so an improvement upon them should be celebrate, we believe. And for this case, they definitely will be.

Triton’s innovated products have many features. First off, they’re smaller and lighter. This alone solves many of the issues that previous vacuum trucks’ users have had with the machinery. After all, if you can’t get a piece of equipment to the location you need it to be at, then the piece of equipment is of absolutely no use to you. So don’t do it!

In addition, even though they’re smaller, they’re just as powerful as your traditional vacuum trucks. This means they can get the very same jobs done, but while using up less of your space resources. Even more importantly, they won’t use as much of your training (and therefore money) resources as well. That’s because they can be used by general laborers, which means most likely anyone in your organization that fits that description can learn to manage it.

An innovation like this only comes along once in a while, and it won’t be as amazing when your competitors begin using it. So start taking advantage today. Learn more about this information by following the link in the author bio!

This article was written by Triton Industries. More information about their products can be found at


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