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In a case, your website is very important for company, or even if you just want to get your stuff on the web, you need to choose the right host. Companies which can correctly host their sites and have dedicated servers, IT departments who are 24/7, can handle issues with maintenance any time. This is an expense, which many companies can’t even afford.  This makes outsourcing very important.

Once your site is ready and on the display, you want your customers to visit it after small intervals. The best way to do this will be to update and maintain your website on a timely basis. One should have skilled people who can professionally update your content, even if it is adding text, adding special offers and newsletters or updating a calendar.

Free or inexpensive sites will not provide services, which are guaranteed, and the sites may even be vulnerable to spammers and hackers. The site can even be down for a month’s time.

One more important question is whether to go for dedicated hosting or shared hosting. Shared hosting is less expensive than the non shared ones. Dedicated hosting will reduce performance issues.

In case you want to switch from one host to the other, ask possible new providers, how they will assist you with the transition process. In case the data on your website is lost, it becomes a huge issue. You are not prepared for it. Many cheap web hosting companies can give you the following services:

  • They are friendly, accessible, and helpful at all times
  • They answer the phone call 24/7/365 when you call
  • All your requests should be answered quickly
  • Providing information on system incidents.

Premium Support: In case clients are expecting more than the primary support like in the case of Media Temple websites, you have to use CloudTech service line. CloudTech is collection of best support services, and this includes on-demand option for grid and DV clients.

CloudTech On Demand: This provides a lot of supports, which includes moving the websites, full website performance reviews and secure data backups—this can be on back-end and front-end. CloudTech on Demand is the perfect support to keep your site in proper working condition all the time.

The basis of outsourced support services is the technical assistance provided by the helpdesk. The technicians take on the load of supporting the customers; thus you are free to attend to other worries. You can focus on your own marketing, sales and structuring the hosting company while they work with your clients. The technicians are general Linux Experts who are trained and are competent of handling small issues including some challenging tasks. It is up to the company about how much control they want to allow. For some clients, full SSH access is allowed, and support to the web hosting clients is given, irrespective of the requirements. Some others choose to limit access and in such cases, work has to be done with the clients to provide apt customer service.

Server monitoring is also built to keep an eye on the servers. Downtime can be minimized, and improvements can be done efficiently. Other services provided by hosting companies are:

Cloud Solutions: They assist in hosting data centers and organizations to device cloud platforms of all possible sizes, and manage it for the users. The answers should provide open source and proprietary platforms.

There are customers who need more than basic support for Media Temple websites; CloudTech can provide premium level support. The Server management services usually include Linux server administration and Windows server management for the virtual private servers. With script installation services, one can install live chat, help desk, and CMS and many other web applications.

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