Android Apps Can Be Run on Windows 8, Thanks to AMD

If you plan to purchase a Windows 8 gadget but are worrying that there are not as many apps for Windows 8 as for Android, there is very good news for you. A collaboration between AMD and Bluestacks – a software firm – allows gadgets that are built around chips made by AMD to run Android apps. Currently, there are over 500,000 apps that can run on Android phones. Contradictory  there are only a few thousand apps written specifically for Windows 8 of Microsoft.

With this deal, users of Windows 8 devices can access the Android apps via AMD’s AppZone player. A code written by Bluestacks will wrap around the mobile phone programs and make them able to run on other platforms such as desktops, laptops and tablets.

The core code that runs the AMD processors and graphic cards has also been changed in order to ensure the apps that are built for the small screens on mobile phones look fine and perform well on larger displays.

The deal between AMD and Bluestacks means future AMD-based gadgets will ship with the AppZone player installed, so users can get apps such as Fruit Ninja and Flipboard which are already known to them from the phone. It also allow users synchronize their apps across their different gadgets, ie PC, Android phone or tablet. Second to Intel, AMD has about a 25% share of the market for desktops computers.

Bluestacks’ Android-running software also works on Intel-powered devices, including Macs, but typically has to be installed after a gadget has been bought and booted up. Bluestacks is also talking to other PC makers to get its software installed as PCs are put together in a factory.

As Microsoft engineers have worked hard to develop Windows 8 to work well with portable devices such as tablets, they have also tried to create an ecosystem of apps for the operating system. However, some reports suggest that there is a serious lack for apps for Windows 8. A month prior to the launch of Windows 8 there are only about 2,000 apps available for it in Microsoft’s Windows Store.


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