Are You a Prisoner of Your Tabs?


Are you a prisoner of your social media tabs? If you are like most people you have several social media sites open a once such as Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. This can make it very difficult to manage everything as you have to keep going back and forth between tabs to enter in your posts and information. You need a way to manage all this content in one location. Jumping tabs is never fun and it just leads to frustration.

Less Clutter

You want to have less clutter with your social media and the associated RSS feeds from these sites.  You need a way to manage all this clutter so your life is easier. Social media should be streamlined any easy to use but these sites don’t make it very easy for you as all your contacts and messages come pouring in from everyone you’re associated with. This makes it a chore to get to the relevant information that you need. There are programs that make these easier such as Dwibbles (www.dwibbles) which allows you to manage all your social media form one location so you no longer have tons of tabs open everywhere on your screen.

Manage Your Accounts

You want to be able to manage your social media accounts not fight with them. You do this every time you have multiple tabs open because it’s so hard to find the information that you want because it’s lost in these sites amongst all the other messages that you care noting about. Trying to delete all thesе contacts isn’t really an option especially if you have thousands of them on sites such as Twitter you just want the most relevant information that matter to you. A program like Dwibbles makes managing multiple accounts easy form one location so you can use social media in the3 way it was intended and that’s connecting with the people you care about not some random message about playing some game for 1000th time in one day.

Connect on Your Terms

When you use social media you want to use it on your terms but that’s too hard when you have all these messages and tabs open on your screen. It’s just so hard to make social media work for you. With a program like Dwibbles you’ll be able to manage all your feeds and other content in one central location without the need for tons of tabs open on your screen a tone time. You’ll get a relevant RSS feed from your social media sites and you’ll enjoy the content that you want to see not what your random contacts send. This can save you a ton of time when you only have a few minutes to look to your social media contacts online.

If you’re tired of trying to manage social media tabs and are just overwhelmed with all the posts and content then try a program like Dwibbles which make this process easy. You can say goodbye to jumping tabs and have everything streamlined for you in one location.


Author Bio:

Eric Santos is a blogger, social media guru, problem solver, and entrepreneur. Eric is the Co-Founder of Dwibbles, and the CEO of Soshowise. Eric received a B.S in Entrepreneurship from CSUF. Eric has served as an Account Manager for the software company Decipher, and has managed accounts for clients such as eBay and PayPal. Check out!


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