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Have you ever been on hold for a company and listened to some music on the line. It was probably this music that kept you on hold so you did not hang up in frustration. The thing is, this music is a really important marketing aspect that many companies usually overlook. I did a quick search and noticed that On Hold Marketing has been one of the things that customers have said that they do not want to be harassed with advertisements while they are on hold. Instead, you should try and create a “brand” with your on hold music with a tone and voice that fits the brand of your entire company.

When different brands were surveyed about if this really added any value to their business, 9 out of 10 businesses said yes! If they are really adding value, what value are they adding you may be asking.

First off, when the customer is on hold, this is a perfect time to show that you are running a sale. Since you do not want to just advertise to them, you can do this between songs that are playing if your company has a longer wait time. This is also an excellent time to let customers know about new products that you have released and want to get out in front of the public.

One of the big value adders is that if you are advertising on television or radio, you can play the same music while customers are on hold. This really helps establish your brand identity through audio. When trying to come up with your on hold marketing, try and come up with a little jingle that is easily recognizable. If you do not want to go through the hassle, you can always hire some experts!


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