BIM Modeling: How Precise are your Models?

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BIM1 300x224 BIM Modeling: How Precise are your Models?

If you are a commercial builder or a remodeler, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. Buildings are only as good as their builders’ designs so when it comes to designing a remodel or ground-up construction you want to be as precise as possible.

Building Information Modeling is a building design and construction technology that gives a more streamlined, more precise, quicker, and more efficient design model than traditional 2-D designs.

By using a 3-D digital model of the building your designs will be more reliable and executed with better precision than traditional designs, allowing you to work smarter and be more productive.

BIM modeling will give you completed 3-D model of the building or remodel, allowing you to identify and correct any possible issues while still in the design phase. BIM modeling will reduce costs and save you time by helping you to identify potential problems before they become problems.

BIM modeling is so precise that it will eliminate nearly any chance of a miscommunication between the owner and the builder because the entire design model can be viewed, a virtual walk-through can be done. Any problems can be efficiently handled before work begins, because every single detail of the building or remodel is included in the BIM model.

Design changes are easy with BIM modeling, no matter what phase the construction is in because you can make changes and instantly see, in 3-D, how they will work. Issues and problems are resolved quicker; you will spend more time working and less time designing.

For project with multiple subcontractors or contractors, each subcontractor or contractor can add their specific data to the design, making it so that everybody working on the project is working from one design, which is updated so that all can access easily; this makes it nearly impossible for information to be lost in translation.

Commercial remodeling contractors can benefit from BIM modeling because when you are doing a remodel, you do not always know if the plans that you have been given to work with are out dated or if they are up to date. Working with plans that are out of date only costs you time, energy and money that could be focused on the remodel itself. By using BIM modeling, remodeling contractors can quickly and easily plan their remodel based on current data.

In the construction business precision counts and the best way to guarantee that your designs are precise down to the very last details is to use BIM modeling for all of your construction, no matter if it is ground-up or a remodeling job.


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