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Are You a Prisoner of Your Tabs? Are You a Prisoner of Your Tabs?(0)

Are you a prisoner of your social media tabs? If you are like most people you have several social media sites open a once such as Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. This can make it very difficult to manage everything as you have to keep going back and forth between tabs to enter in your posts […]

Christmas Decorations for your Facebook Timeline Christmas Decorations for your Facebook Timeline(0)

Christmas is just around the corner, and when it finally comes around it will finally be time to express your Christmas spirit for all to see. One of the best ways to let all your friends and family know that you are enjoying the wonders of the holiday season is to re-design your social media […]

Facebook Buys Face Recognition Startup Facebook Buys Face Recognition Startup(0)

Facebook has a shared interest in mobile technology and excellent photo experiences with Face.com. Today on the 19th of June, Facebook has announced that it has bought the startup Face.com that specializes in software that lets computers recognize people’s faces in digital images. The amount that Facebook payed for Face.com or its plans were not […]

How to Remove “Seen” on Facebook Chat How to Remove “Seen” on Facebook Chat(0)

Recently Facebook has added a new feature into its online chat. If someone reads your message you will get a line at the bottom of the chat that says “seen” with the time that the message was read. This can be a very helpful tool but there are times that it can be detrimental. This […]

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