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How useful is a tablet? How useful is a tablet?(0)

So a few days ago I was with a friend having coffee at Starbucks when I pulled out my Nexus 7 to check my Facebook account. I am not a Facebook fanatic like some people, but even then my friend looked at me. “Whats the point?” She said. I replied “in what…” she said, “with […]

5 Reasons You Should Buy A Nook HD+ 5 Reasons You Should Buy A Nook HD+(0)

With new contenders entering the tablet market each day, it can be increasingly difficult to discover the machine that’s best suited for your particular needs. This is especially true if you’re looking for a good entry-level device that can gradually introduce you to the tablet world, but isn’t too underpowered that it can’t hold up […]

How To Get Views On Your YouTube Videos How To Get Views On Your YouTube Videos(0)

If you have ever uploaded a video to YouTube before, chances are that you did not see the results that you wanted to. Many people simply upload their videos but do not take the crucial steps to ensure that real people start watching your video. Below are the steps you need to take when you […]

Dell XPS 14z LCD Replacement Dell XPS 14z LCD Replacement(0)

Replacing a Dell Laptop Screen usually is very simple but not when it comes to the XPS 14z (Ultrathin) screens. Opening the screen could take up to forty minutes due to the rubber delegacy and strips. Those screens are very unique and very hard to locate. They’re not cheap. If you’re lucky you will find […]

Are You a Prisoner of Your Tabs? Are You a Prisoner of Your Tabs?(0)

Are you a prisoner of your social media tabs? If you are like most people you have several social media sites open a once such as Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. This can make it very difficult to manage everything as you have to keep going back and forth between tabs to enter in your posts […]

How Do Data Breaches Happen? How Do Data Breaches Happen?(0)

Calling All Privacy Plumbers Infographic conceptualized by

Top 3 Craigslist Search Engines Top 3 Craigslist Search Engines(0)

For the last few days I tried to search for many things on Craigslist, every time I felt that there is a lack of national search capability. If I want to search a city then it’s great and gives nice results, but if we try to search whole states or all of craigslist there is […]

Let’s Talk About Keyloggers Let’s Talk About Keyloggers(0)

I am assuming that most of you have heard of keyloggers and what they do. The sole purpose of these types of programs is to capture the keystrokes on a computer anonomously without the person using that machine knowing. You can then view these strokes remotely from another computer. Keyloggers are generally viewed in a […]

Positive Outcomes for Using an SEO Strategy Positive Outcomes for Using an SEO Strategy(0)

It is no secret that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a beneficial marketing strategy. Many companies use SEO because they have realized the great advantages which come with making their website much easier to find for potential customers. So, here are the positive outcomes that will come to you as a result of using SEO […]

How to Install WordPress How to Install WordPress(0)

Many of my readers have asked me if there is an easier way to install WordPress to their hosting account without using FTP. Using FTP can sometimes be a little scary as you do not want to upload files to your hosting provider just to mess up or not know what to do next. Thankfully, […]

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