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What Is Bitcoin And How Do You Obtain It? What Is Bitcoin And How Do You Obtain It?(0)

There has been a great influx of news and excitement around the digital currency known as Bitcoin lately.  Bitcoin is a form of money that can be used for things such as making purchases online or trading in a market similar to the stock exchange. People are attracted to this digital currency for a multitude […]

Business Inventory Software for your Company Business Inventory Software for your Company(0)

You have a small business, maybe it’s a coffee shop or a bicycle repair shop or a dog grooming workshop. You begin to lose control of your inventory. What should you do? There are many business inventory software programs out there, how do you know which one to choose? Here are a few things to […]

BIM Modeling: How Precise are your Models? BIM Modeling: How Precise are your Models?(0)

If you are a commercial builder or a remodeler, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. Buildings are only as good as their builders’ designs so when it comes to designing a remodel or ground-up construction you want to be as precise as possible. Building Information Modeling is a building design and construction technology that […]

Staying Organized With A Paperless Office Staying Organized With A Paperless Office(0)

Doing business today is very stressful if you cannot maintain an office that is organized. This is especially difficult if you have paper copies lying around everywhere that need filed away. The best choice of action to solve this problem is file them electronically. This means that you will need to scan all the paper […]

What is in an “As Built”? What is in an “As Built”?(1)

“As Built” drawings are essentially the same as “as-is” drawing because they show the building as it is now, not how it will be in the future, when completed. It is an accurate record of the building’s components and structural elements. As built drawings are typically the final set of drawings, having been updated along […]

Why You Should Buy An Antivirus Software Why You Should Buy An Antivirus Software(1)

New viruses, spyware, trojans, worms and other malware are created every day. The purpose of the viruses have also changed; viruses that used to be annoying pranks have evolved into pernicious threats capable of destroying not only your computer but also steal your information and identity. Nowadays, a computer without anti-virus is not just vulnerable, […]

Software to Manage Risk Software to Manage Risk(0)

Risk analysis based tools offer project managers pre-emptive insights into managing risk in projects where such control is paramount. Such tools are available to managers of geo-disperse teams whom manage complex projects in such industries as oil and gas, offshore, construction, energy and more. Risk management specialists are said to be proficient in mitigating risk […]

And You Thought Your Electronic Devices Were Safe From Hackers? And You Thought Your Electronic Devices Were Safe From Hackers?(0)

The Amphion Forum 2012 was the place to be if you wanted to understand the real security risks in having electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, and even printers. When Ang Cui, a fifth year student at Columbia University’s Intrusion Detection Systems Lab demonstrated how easy it was for him to hack into the […]

How to Find Internet Based Video Conferencing Software How to Find Internet Based Video Conferencing Software(0)

We all live in a very technological world. A world different from your parents and grand parents and things are always changing. If you want the ability to hold web conferences instead of meetings face to face then it is important that you know about web conferencing services that are available to you. Internet video […]

Why Defragmentation is Unnecessary in Linux Why Defragmentation is Unnecessary in Linux(0)

Many users of Windows, even inexperienced ones, know that you need to defrag the hard drive regularly to speed up the performance of their computers. However, if you use Linux, you do not need to defrag your Linux partitions at all. In this article, I will explain to you why you don’t need defragmentation when […]

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