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Snapchat for Android Review Snapchat for Android Review(0)

Snapchat has become very popular lately. The concept for this application is very simple. You set a timer which allows the recipient of your message to view your picture for only a few seconds. You then take a picture and send it. They only have a few seconds to view the image. After that, the […]

Top 3 Music Apps for Android Top 3 Music Apps for Android(0)

There are many great music apps that are available to download for Android. Some of them are paid, some are free, but when it comes down to it, these three apps are the best in their class. So you want to know what these 3 apps for Android are? Read on! 1. Spotify Spotify is […]

Top 5 Best Shopping Apps for Android Top 5 Best Shopping Apps for Android(1)

Shopping online has become the norm for everyone now days. Shopping on your Android phone is one of the most simple processes you can imagine. From the list below, you will see the best shopping apps for Android that are free. They will make life a lot more stress free allowing you to browse, buy, […]

The Best Bible Apps for Android The Best Bible Apps for Android(0)

There are so many Bible apps out there for the Android OS. So many people are studying the Bible, reading it daily, and like to keep it close to them for any occasion. I have decided to create a list for you all about the best Bible apps for Android that I have found. They […]

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