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How useful is a tablet? How useful is a tablet?(0)

So a few days ago I was with a friend having coffee at Starbucks when I pulled out my Nexus 7 to check my Facebook account. I am not a Facebook fanatic like some people, but even then my friend looked at me. “Whats the point?” She said. I replied “in what…” she said, “with […]

The Segway Experience The Segway Experience(0)

Have you ever seen someone zipping about on a Segway and thought, “That looks a bit weird, I wish I could have a go?” Well thanks to the opportunity of experience gifts, you now can have a go on this speedy and nimble machine! The Segway experience is like no other, forget rally cars and […]

5 Reasons You Should Buy A Nook HD+ 5 Reasons You Should Buy A Nook HD+(0)

With new contenders entering the tablet market each day, it can be increasingly difficult to discover the machine that’s best suited for your particular needs. This is especially true if you’re looking for a good entry-level device that can gradually introduce you to the tablet world, but isn’t too underpowered that it can’t hold up […]

4 Of The Most Expensive Android App Categories 4 Of The Most Expensive Android App Categories(0)

When most of us swipe our finger across the Google Play icon on our tablet or smartphone, we’re usually browsing for a few new apps that are attractive, interesting, and—most of all—free. Occasionally, a particularly well-done app will convince us to hand over the monetary equivalent of our daily caffeinated beverage, but rarely do the […]

Smartphone Camera: Capabilities and Functions Smartphone Camera: Capabilities and Functions(0)

Everyone who owns a smartphone has a camera in their pocket. People who have never owned a digital camera are taking photos and posting them online. Does this mean the end of digital cameras, or just a change in photographic tastes? Sophisticated Smartphone Camera Technology Digital cameras are receiving stiff competition from cell phone service […]

5 Gaming Milestones Available On Your Smartphone 5 Gaming Milestones Available On Your Smartphone(0)

From the museum-preserved backgammon boards that date back thousands of years, all the way to the latest announcement of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it seems obvious that human beings have always loved games. As our technology becomes increasingly interconnected and versatile, consumers gain the ability to experience a wide variety of games on […]

4 Android Apps For Your Next Drive 4 Android Apps For Your Next Drive(0)

With the endless supply of apps available for the Android market, it should come as no surprise that there are many aspects of your life that your smartphone can assist you with. If you’re just starting to get your digital wings regarding gadget use, you may not be aware of the handy apps that can […]

3 Reasons To Buy Apps Instead Of Using The Free Versions 3 Reasons To Buy Apps Instead Of Using The Free Versions(0)

If you’re like most of us, you probably have dozens—if not hundreds—of free apps on your smartphone or tablet. We all like to get something for nothing, and being able to browse an app store and sample the wide variety of free programs makes your gadget feel like a digital library that never closes. However, […]

Top 3 Movie Apps to Download for Android Top 3 Movie Apps to Download for Android(0)

There are many video applications on the market that are free to download. Many of them have great reviews and some not so much. Which are the best movie apps for your Android device? Lets go through the top 3 movie apps that you should have! 1. Netflix Netflix is the most well known and […]

Snapchat for Android Review Snapchat for Android Review(0)

Snapchat has become very popular lately. The concept for this application is very simple. You set a timer which allows the recipient of your message to view your picture for only a few seconds. You then take a picture and send it. They only have a few seconds to view the image. After that, the […]

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