Cricket Cell Phones Are Great With No Contract

cricket wireless

Cricket Cell Phones are a great way to get a quality smartphone with no contract, no crazy fees and excellent service in the United States. They have quickly become a great option as the other companies get more expensive and restricting with long-term contracts.

With Cricket Wireless you have many different types of phone options. The price will depend on what sort of features you would like. If you’re someone who doesn’t use the internet or texting and only wants a phone for emergency situations, then there are a ton of great phones you can have that are very cheap. On the other hand, if you want the latest technology for games, media and fun applications then you can buy a smartphone or Blackberry.

With smartphone plans you can get unlimited talk minutes, texting and data. This means you can browse the internet as much as you like, get on applications like Facebook and watch videos on Youtube without ever having to worry about data limits. Other cell phone carriers aren’t able to offer this kind of feature. You of course don’t have to get this kind of plan, but if you’re going to talk and use a lot of data it will save you money in the long run. This is just another example of how many different types of options Cricket gives you.

The PAYGo plan allows you to pay only for the minutes, text and web that you use each month. You can save a lot of money this way if you’re not the type of person to use the phone that much, but still want the same capabilities as someone else. You can get any of the same phones like the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III and only pay for what you use. When you run out of credits, just go to the store and you can re-up your plan.


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