Crime Scene Investigation: 360 Photos are the Wave of the Future

crime scene

Technological advances have certainly made their mark on law enforcement for the better.  Evidence processing improvements, crime databases, and other technology are making it easier for crimes to be solved, as less is left to chance.

Another way that technology can benefit law enforcement is through the use of 360-degree panoramic photos taken at crime scenes.  By taking a 360 panoramic crime scene photo prior to processing a crime scene, there will be a virtual photo of the crime scene just as it was found.

Panoramic crime scene photos are quick, and give a full perspective of the scene.  The images can be zoomed in, allowing for small areas of the photo to be studies, in clear detail.  Detectives who maybe did not get to the crime scene right away can view the pictures and see the crime scene as it was and undisturbed.

Without this technology, photos are taken and then the crime scene is processed, which means that many people are on the scene, all trying to tiptoe around evidence tags, which are placed next to each piece of evidence. With Private investigators you can gain more information on winning the case.  By taking a panoramic 360-degree crime scene photo, even if something were inadvertently disturbed, it would be easy to discover.

Crime scene locations require detailed and accurate measurements, especially for bullet holes, blood splatter and other important data that must be measured, detailed and noted.  With a 360 panoramic photo, it is easy to have a point of reference for how each detail is in relation to others.  For example, with regular crime scene photos there can be a photo of a bullet hole in a wall, and then a second photo of the area of the room that the shot would have had to come from.  With a 360-degree photo, it is easy to view the scene in its entirety; you can trace the trajectory of the bullet by panning the photo around.

Measuring distances and plotting the trajectory of splatter, projectiles and other points of references will result in more accurate measurements, and a better overall idea of the crime scene.  Measurements can be done quickly and accurately.

360-degree crime scene photos mean that law enforcement can create a digital 3D reconstruction of the crime scene, highly useful to detectives, CSI, and other law enforcement departments.  In addition, these panoramic photos can be used during trials, helping to give jurors a clearer view of crime scenes, helping to give them a better view than 2D recreations.

Virtual crime scene walk-throughs will be a huge advantage to law enforcement, making crime scene processing more efficient, cost-effective and more accurate.


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