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Diversity is a very important web design element for any successful business. If your website is aimed at a specific age group you will need to ensure that it is structured in an attractive way to that particular group of people. It should also be readable to the right age group. If you are designing a website for a client that wants a certain age group targeted, finding innovative ways in which to focus on that group of people is essential.

Web development targeting certain age groups will need to focus on a variety of factors such as psychological aspects, the user interface presented and the aesthetic appeal of the website’s design. A professional web design company will ensure that these are considered and incorporated.

Things to think about when in the process of age targeted web design

Just about everyone seems to be online and making use of the internet, the age of users can vary considerably. Sometimes age and experience can dictate how easily online tools and features are accessed, so this is something to keep in mind when in the process of web design.

It is a common misconception that all online users will have the skills to navigate their way around a potentially complicated website, but consider this…if the client is selling a product specifically aimed at retired individuals, you might have new internet users accessing the site for information – in which case you will need to ensure that navigation is easy and provides sufficient information.  Much the same is the case if you are designing a website for children.

Some age groups to consider during web development

While the website you are designing might be targeting a certain age, some can target more than one and that is where things can get tricky. Web development software might be able to do some of the work for you, but it is important to have a deeper understanding of the age group you are targeting in order to present them with an online experience that is useful. Consider the following:

Children – it is not just the text and appearance of the website that you will need to adapt for children. A child’s physical development should be taken into consideration when developing a website aimed at children. Try to take a look at some web design examples of children’s sites to get a feel for what their development allows. Children lose interest easily too, so make sure your design is eye-catching and fun.

Teenagers – teens have the ability to adapt with ease and because of their experience with social media platforms you will find that they do not struggle to navigate their way around devices and websites. Of course teenagers have higher expectations when it comes to quick access to useful information, so web design professionals will need to cater for this.

Adults – designing a website for the typical adult is probably the least challenging as most adults are well accustomed with the internet and how to make use of online interfaces. The adult age range is broad so it is important to ensure that your website offers functionality as well as a quick and easy user interface.

Senior citizens – while more senior adults are turning to the internet, if you are designing a site to cater to this age group it is important to keep it simple and ensure that all the required information is made readily available. Senior citizens may struggle to understand trendy and flashy menus and effects, as it’s the information that they are typically after – not the glitz and glam.

A professional web design and web development company will be able to present clients with the skills to create any website that they require, and target it at any age group. Browse through some online web design tutorials and view some website examples to boost your creativity and get you going.


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