Does Your Site Have Quality Content?


If you are a business owner in Charleston with a website (and let’s be honest, if you don’t have one at this point, maybe you should reconsider owning a business), you understand that you need content throughout the various pages on it to help inform your customers, explain what it is that you provide to them, and allow them to become familiar with your company and your brand.

You have probably heard the term “content is king”, and that phrase is especially true when you’re trying to optimize your website with a Charleston SEO strategy so that Google considers your site legitimate, thus ranking it higher in a web search.

If you get your content in order and write it the way that it is supposed to be, then you have successfully constructed a foundation to support the majority of the other SEO tactics you are trying out. Ask yourself the following questions regarding the content of your site:

Is the content on your site really quality content?

If you are trying to sell your products or services, offering your potential clients or customers a simple brochure that includes information that can be found on dozens if not hundreds of other sites just isn’t going to cut it.

While some would say that this is just plain lazy, there’s another reason to avoid this practice: Google can tell if your content is unoriginal or spun. This won’t do your site any favors when it comes to your ranking in search. It’s time to hire an agency specializing in content creation.

Does your content offer value?

When you write your content, you want to write it with the goal of actually giving those that visit your site something useful to read. Give your potential customers a reason to stick around on your site for more than just a few seconds during the day.

Of course you want to promote your business, but if your site is filled with nothing but shameless promotion, you aren’t going to win over savvy consumers.

These are just a couple of questions that you should ask yourself when developing your content, to see whether or not you are giving your customers quality content to read.

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