E-Cigarette Technology – Changing Smoking Habits For the Better

E cigarette technology as we know it today was invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. You may have seen people using these devices. They emulated traditional cigarettes in a number of ways such as the appearance and even glow like real cigarettes.

But they have many advantages over real cigarettes. Firstly they are a technology that is based around pure nicotine. So the user doesn’t inhale any of harmful chemicals associated with tobacco smoke. Chemicals such as carbon monoxide are not created or inhaled reducing the health risks associated with smoking.

As there is no actual smoke there is no risk of passive smoking with non-smoking friends which also means that e cigarettes are not subject to the ban on smoking in
public places. So that means no going outside in the cold to smoke a cigarette.

A cigarette includes a cartridge that contains pure nicotine. This is heated by the battery operated device which in turn becomes a vapour that can be inhaled by the
user, just like a real cigarette. It effectively operates like an inhaler. They often take on the appearance of a real cigarette. Because they are electronic they don’t require
lighting and are much more convenient.

It is this flexibility that is making these devices a far more convenient alternative to smoking. Because they don’t contain tobacco only nicotine in many countries they
are not subject to tobacco duties and taxes. The nicotine itself being sourced from a solution inside the device that is usually comprised of propylene glycol or vegetable
glycerin. This is then heated to produce that vapour required to ‘smoking’. The heating component is powered by a small rechargeable battery.

These devices can often be recharged at home, with some having a super battery inside the box so the e-cigarette can be kept charged up when on the move. When the
nicotine has been spent depending on the model used, it is either loaded with a pre-filled cartridge or topped up with the liquid nicotine solution directly.

The technology in more recent times has become from prominent and sales are increasing. With come companies now saying that ‘big tobacco’ may have met its match. This could indeed be the future of smoking as it becomes harder and harder to smoke in public places.

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