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There has been much talk and discussion about vector graphics for a while now. If you are like me, you probably have seen images online that you thought were interesting, that were created by a computer, but had no idea they were called vector graphics.

Simply put, vector graphics is using lines, points, curves and shapes that are all based on math to create images with a computer. The word vector in vector graphics is much more than a straight line. In vector graphics, a vector is is a path through a location based on a central point on that line. Each central point has a position on the axis of the drawing. These vectors are then assigned a shape, thickness, and a color.


A little known fact about vector graphics is that they have been used in a lot of different applications. When computers first came about, they were all vector graphics. The United States air defense system even used vector graphics for their displays. They continued to use these until 1999. An example that may be applicable to your daily life is that some printers use such techniques for printing. Hewlett-Packard came out with a pen plotter that used a two axis pen while the paper remained stationary to create the graphics.

In the present day, vector graphics are used to create computer graphics that are two dimensional such as engineering drawings.

Sources of Vector Art

free vector

Let’s be honest for a minute though, you probably do not care about the application of the techniques as much as you care about looking at the pretty pictures people have created. I have found a great resource for learning about free vectors at the website in this link. Here I also found some excellent quality images and am even using two of them for my desktop displays. Go have a look and let me know what you think I the comments!


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