How To Clean The Inside Of Your Computer Case

Cleaning out the inside of your computer can offer many benefits. If you want your computer to last, you will need to clean out the inside of the case in order to reduce heat and increase the longevity of your parts. To get started is very easy.

computer dust

The first step is to get the tools necessary to do the cleaning. You will want a small screwdriver in order to take off screws to get inside your case as well as a little can of compressed air that you can pick up at most office stores. You might also need a small vacuum if it has been awhile since you cleaned out the case. In case you have allergies, make sure to get a dust mask. You may be surprised how much dust has collected in there!

Next you will want to turn off the machine all the way and disconnect everything you have plugged into the back of your computer. This includes mice, keyboards, and monitors. Make sure you do not leave anything connected as this could cause an unwanted electrical shock. I know this from experience as I once tried to fix something while the computer was on and received a nasty jolt.

Once you have everything disconnected, move your computer to a workplace with enough light and preferably on a hard service to avoid static electricity. Once you have the computer on the table, open it up. You may need your screwdriver for this. The side panel of the case should now slide off showing off the inside of your machine.

Chances are, it is not looking pretty in there. Take your can of compressed air and start at the top and dust downwards. That way, you are able to get the dust that settles on the bottom. It is okay if fans spin. If you do not have very much technical knowledge, do yourself a favor and do not touch much on the inside.

Be careful when you dust off the cpu cooler, and if you need to, clean it with a small brush. Clean out the fans well to allow proper airflow to all your parts as well as the graphics card(s). The idea here is to get rid of all the dust so that your computer is able to discharge heat more effectively and will lengthen the life of your computer.

Once you are done cleaning out the inside, place the sidepanel back on and screw it into place. You are now ready to plug everything back in and get back to computing!

If you are not used to cleaning out your computer, or are afraid you may make a mistake, I would suggest you bring it to a computer repair shop in your local area. Prices are usually very low to do a quick cleaning if nothing is wrong with the PC.


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