How To Get Music From Spotify For Free

If you like to enjoy music on Spotify, you can not miss this Spotify to MP3 software.  With it, you can freely download Spotify music and convert Spotify to MP3 format or even transfer to your iTunes library.

Technically, you can’t download music from Spotify since there is no downloading link for each song. In order to achieve that, we could record music from the sound card when it is playing by using some recording programs. That’s only way  to save streaming music from Spotify.


Here is the step-by-step guide to use this software

Step 1:  Install and launch Spotify Ripper

Just before recording, make sure you have had the Spotify Downloader installed. If not, you can get it from the below download link. Just install the software and start it.

Get Spotify Downloader here

Step 2: Begin to download Spotify music

Click the “Record” button and then play Spotify songs that you want to record. You’ll notice this app is beginning to record the Spotify music when you play the Spotify music. After the recording is finished, you will get a MP3 file in the library.



Tips: you can stop the recording  any you want by hitting the “Record” button again.

Note: To make sure the Spotify music can be recorded successful, don’t play other media file when you are playing Spotify music.

To import a song to your iTunes Library, just right click the song and select the option. Besides “add to iTunes”, “choose all songs on the current playlist”, “add to a new playlist”, “delete tracks and “open the track” containing folder”, etc. are also available to choose.

To make a ringtone, just click on the bell icon near the artist name in the playlist. After clicking the icon, it will open a bitmap of the track, and you may choose and trim sections of the track to make a ringtone at ease.


This software has been tested to record audio seamlessly from over 500 radio stations and music sites, including but not limited to below famous streaming music sites:

  •                 GUBA
  •                 NPC
  •                 MySpace
  •                 BBC Radio Audio
  •                 iTunes radio
  •                 RTVE
  •                 Sirius Radio
  •                 Radio Blog Club
  •                 XM Radio Online
  •                 AOL Music
  •                 Pandora


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