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Almost everyone within the digital marketing sector knows that ‘content is king’.  However, there’s a world of difference between knowing that and then actually creating copy and content that really sparkles.  One of the most effective ways to make your writing stand out is to take tips from the copywriters of old, some of which are included here. Whether to enhance your strategy or to help your web design increase sales, all of these tips should help:

Use images

Whilst everyone within digital marketing is focused on using multi-media in order to enhance their copy, it’s actually worth remembering that classic advertising has been using this technique for years.  Rather than interspersing text with certain images, why not try exploring the idea of making the image the centre-piece of the content, and cutting down the volume of words?

Be shocking

Controversy has always been a tactic that marketers have used, sometimes with positive results and sometimes with negatives.  Obviously there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed here – the law is the law! – but if you’ve managed to come up with an idea that you think might ruffle a few feathers, it’s almost always worth putting it out there.  It’s certainly better to be controversial than to be bland: people are more likely to share content they hate than content they’re not interested in!

Tell stories

All of the very best artists – whether singers or novelists – tell stories that captivate, and that people fall in love with.  Bob Dylan’s sparkling Tangled Up In Blue is a wonderful example of a five minute song that manages to encapsulate the intimate detail of a love affair.  Whilst you might not be Dylan (if you are, we’re not sure why you’re involved in SEO), you can still tell stories with your copy.  Stories that involve your clients, or your colleagues. Stories that involve minor celebrities, or notable locals.  Never be afraid to try something different.

Be funny

As Edward Kean once said: ‘Dying is easy, comedy is hard’.  There is no doubt that trying to make people laugh is incredibly tough, and if you get it wrong everything can be a bit cringe-worthy.  However, the payoff if you do manage to amuse is absolutely massive, with some of the most-shared pieces of content doing the rounds because they  brighten up someone’s day.  Never under-estimate how valuable that skill is.


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