How to Keep Your Tablet Running Smoothly


As technology continues to change, more and more consumers are turning to tablets rather than laptops. Tablets have proven to be more portable, lighter in weight and cost less than laptops.

Even with their smaller size tablets are still able to perform computing tasks. Although tablets seem easier to manage than laptops, users should keep in mind that even tablets require a little work in order to ensure they run smoothly throughout their lifetime. Following these procedures will help protect a tablet.

Run Updates

Spam, viruses and other security risks are always present when it comes to the computing world. As simple as it may sound, it is crucial that users obtain reputable antivirus software. Be sure to install an automatic scanning program that will protect against intruders and also upgrade to the latest device drivers. The majority of programs have free updates available online once the version of software has already been installed on the device.

Search for Viruses

One of the easiest – but most important – things to do in order to keep a device safe is to run a scan that looks for malware that may be running behind the scenes. Oftentimes when a device runs slowly it tends to be a result of something dangerous that is running in the background

Back Up Data

One of the most important things to do in order to improve tablet maintenance is to back up important data. A user never knows if valuable files such as photos, documents, programs or music will be corrupted or deleted.

One of the easiest ways to back up data on a tablet is to store files on a cloud. The remote technology allows users to access files from any device. In addition to storing data on the cloud, users can choose to transfer copies of valuable files to an external hard drive. This allows for two layers of protection.

Clean Up the Disk Drive

As users download documents and add programs to their tablet, additional data is stored to the device. Temporary files and fragment files are left behind after browsing the Internet or installing new software. These unwanted files can clutter up the tablet and slow down the disk access time.

That’s why running a disk cleanup is extremely important. Users should empty their recycling bin and clear the browser history on a regular basis. Other upkeep methods include uninstalling any unused or unneeded programs along with deleting cookies.

Although tablets are relatively easier to maintain than laptops or PCs, even the best tablet available still requires a little attention in order to ensure it continues to run smoothly.


– By Jennifer Thayer

Jennifer Thayer is a technology writer from Southern California. She covers everything technology from new smartphones, to cool apps to helpful gadgets. Jennifer enjoys sharing her tips and tricks with others. Follow her on Twitter


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