How to sell your digital goods via smartphone app

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It is not secret that the number of smartphone owners and users are increasing every day. Huge smartphone companies such as Apple and Samsung have realized that smartphone is a need in this digital age due to which these brands have kept themselves involved in updating their products. With this kind of attitude and thinking, the brands are continuously supplying new smartphones to the public and the public is always replying positively to such releases. Recent surveys and research has shown that more than 3 million people, almost half of Switzerland’s population owns a smartphone. When the age limit was adjusted it was discovered that more than 805 of the people under the age of 30 owned a smartphone. This kind of awareness regarding the benefits of smartphones and the ownership is similar in Europe which shows how important a smartphone can be to reach out to the people.

Excessive use of applications

Smartphones are only convenient to the public because of the operating software that is used in smartphones. Android and iOS have made lives easier by proving app stores to the smartphone users where they can easily install applications. Most businesses now have applications to make shopping easier for consumers so that they do not have to visit the website. Research shows that on average each smartphone user in Switzerland has over 30 applications in his phone and around 10 of those applications are used frequently each month. This even results in the phone crashing more often than not, post which they need to get it repaired from a phone repair service in Melbourne. Companies that sell digital goods and understand this statistic will definitely consider it a treat. The consumer market has evolved a lot and it is time that companies get on this bandwagon too.

Consumers are hesitant to purchase online

Another interesting statistic that is worth considering is that almost all of the smartphone users have tried searching for a product or service they desire on their phone at least once. This search for a product or service does not result in an actual purchase more than 50% of the times, which is alarming. This could be because of the hesitation of people as they might not be comfortable in operating a website through their phone. Due to this reason such consumers have made the purchase later on their computer. Companies should see this as a main barrier and it is actually a wall between the consumers and the business. Businesses must take initiatives where they take on the trust of the people and ensure their safety while shopping online. This can only be done if such brands make efforts to improve experience of the consumers while they are operating a website and making a purchase. The convenience plays a huge role as well and will motivate the consumers to act positively.

PostFinance and the Digital Goods

What are digital goods? They are those music albums, soundtracks or even e-books that are purchased online. PostFinance has given a really good example to many companies that are currently in the business of selling digital goods. It has shown how easy it is to sell digital goods by making it convenient. It is an application that has taken consumers’ trusts and has given them the confidence by meeting banking needs of customers. The application currently stands on 0.5 million downloads which clearly shows what a great success it has been in a country with 7 million inhabitants. PostFinance does understand how important it is to remain updated to hold on to the interests of the people. Due to this reason it has moved out of providing its primary services and is adopting a bit of diversification. While its main service is classic banking, it has moved on to conquer greater grounds by improving its product range.

The main reason why an average person loves PostFinance is that it does not require a credit card. It has proved that shopping can be done without a credit card and this has proved to be quite convenient. Moreover, the application is also safe to use and is available for both Apple and Android users.

How PostFinance Works it’s magic

The method that PostFinance has adopted is not that complicated. The user just has to download and install the PostFinance application in the smartphone and buy credit through the PostFinance bank account. Once credit is taken, the user will receive a code and that code will be used when a user checks out with a product.

This amazing process of purchasing goods is quite convenient and is the main reason why so many people have downloaded this application and love it too. Financial institutions have evolved a lot in the past decade and PostFinance has just shown a glimpse of the kind of innovation that can still be used for improvement and enhancement in shopping experience. PostFinance was initially dealing with just iTunes but now it provides a range of goods which has added some more variety for the customers.



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