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So a few days ago I was with a friend having coffee at Starbucks when I pulled out my Nexus 7 to check my Facebook account. I am not a Facebook fanatic like some people, but even then my friend looked at me. “Whats the point?” She said. I replied “in what…” she said, “with that stupid tablet. You are on it all the time, what’s the point of it?”

Now I had a think and in fairness I would survive just fine without taking my tablet about with me, but I felt it necessary to defend these awesome pieces of technology…

“There are many points” I replied. And I continued to rally off numerous opinions about why my tablet is one of the most useful things I own…

Firstly, the invention of smart phones has to be noted. Smartphones can do just about everything a tablet computer can. In fact some do more… but it’s about the pleasure of doing those things that takes emphasis. If I am sitting in a taxi on my way to an appointment or meeting, I have time to surf the internet to catch up with the news, or even send emails. Neither of those are particularly enjoyable on a phone of any size. But even on the smaller 7 inch tablets, browsing the internet is a breeze and enjoyable. Watching streaming content is another massive plus, especially if you like to travel like me. I get away from my home town as much as possible, and plan an outing at least once a month to visit somewhere new, local or abroad. So having a tablet is essential. From translators, dictionaries, area guides restaurant reviews, maps, GPS and more, my tablet has become one of the most important pieces of luggage.

If you are into gaming, anything from Candy Crush to Ridge Racer outperform any experience you can expect on a mobile phone.

But let’s not compare tablets just to mobile phones. They would be better compared to the Swiss army knife, great multi-performance technology that fits in your hand.

It has been known on more than one occasion for my Samsung Note to be used as a replacement for DJ decks. Plug in the audio jack and your garden gathering turns in to a summer party that everyone can have a play with.

Moving away from leisure slightly, what about webcams and SKYPE? For my family who lives nowhere near each other, SKYPE is a regular fix and its so much nicer being able to freely walk about my home instead of being stuck in the office. Or you can do it in front of the TV, but don’t tell your mom…

Other highly notable uses are more common things, from an mp3 player to a storage device. Playing movies from a tablet to a TV is very easy and normally in full HD too.

My wife uses hers like a diary. Everything is noted in that instead of her old leather back Filofax, which let’s be honest, may have had its day. From birthdays to addresses it’s all in the tablet and backed up online with a few clicks.

It is also possible to find cheap budget tablets for under $100 which are great for younger children as they can be used as interactive learning devices, much more advanced than coloring in between the lines.

In this short rant I am sure there is plenty I have missed, but I feel better having got that off my shoulders.

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