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Let’s be clear from the start of this post that the continual launching and upgrading of the iPhone is simply to compete against the high capability of other android hardware. Even Blackberry are making a comeback after resting on their laurels over the past couple of years.  True they have had some major re-investment and a team that is more focused on keeping up with the market.  Completion is high within the android app market which is good from a consumer point of view and android app developers have several platforms to which they can apply their talents.

Apple continues to be at the forefront and is still a major player so that is where we will focus the attention of this article. As most of us already know that the new iPhone 5 series is complete with over 1500 new application program interfaces. From an iPhone apps creator point of view this is great because the entire framework within the iPhone 5 has made app development easier for programmers and because of this apps can be churned out quicker bring much delight to developers and consumers alike.

The iPhone 5 assists in event handling, on-screen content display and interaction with the rest of the system. Hence people who encode using Xcode simply love it.  I say encode rather than develop as coders are not necessarily developers.  The completed product has been developed the encoding is just one part of the puzzle. The answer to what makes the new iOS tick within the IOS encoding community is the new IOS and its simplicity and the complete reduction of code needed to produce an effective working app. Your concept or app idea is now much easier to develop from start to finish.

One key and favourite feature is Siri- for those of you who are unfamiliar with this app, it is a voice recognition tool which is a great avenue for any iPhone application developer when making iPhone apps to innovate and create path-breaking apps for any potential customer.  There is growing evidence that more and more companies across the globe are making a switch to iOS and as I mentioned earlier Apple are still an attractive option for making iPhone apps.

Other key features which are included within the new IOS environment are the iPhone 5s ability to stream photos and documents to the cloud or, as Apple refer to it the iCloud. Enabling sharing and in effect mass marketing has added to the popularity of this device amongst end users and companies alike.

For the encoding community out there the ARC or Automatic Reference Counting makes app run smoothly and a great deal faster than previous attempts.  Something Nokia should have thought of years ago. We will have to wait and see what Microsoft intend to do to improve on it.  However Microsoft have always been talented in making things work across lots of hardware platforms and it is only a matter of time before it copies and improves on ideas already put into play by Apple.

The main point here is, should you pursue the IOS route you can be sure that the development aspect will be smooth and almost a breeze if you want your completed app to interact with the new features within the iPhone 5. Thus great for those that encode too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post click on the link to learn how to become an iPhone apps creator.


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