Is It Okay To Buy Facebook Likes?


When you buy Facebook fans you increase the the likelihood it shows up earlier when you do a search in Facebook itself and in other search engines like Yahoo or Google. By doing this you expose yourself or site to a target audience when they search for something in the same field of interest. For this reason you see things with fan bases like bands, artist, and online personalities; anyone that the amount of money they make is affected by public popularity (consider Paula Dean and P. Diddy). When you buy Facebook fans it may help with the initial push to establish a brand or a name, it is still a good idea to maintain a reputation that is acceptable to your target audience.

Many of the people or companies that buy Facebook fans look for a company that will offer target audience like, meaning they are exposing you to people that are interested in that subject matter and that makes it more likely that you will have those people share and help expose your name or brand.

However one thing to be wary of is if a company is advertising to you that they are targeting an audience to make sure the likes are not coming from dummy or fake accounts. These are accounts that are made just to boost the number of like without an actual customer on the other side. These can still be helpful in getting your number up and helps with the likability of you or your brand, but it is not what you paid for if they said they were getting these like from a targeted audience.

Just like with any other purchase, it is up to the consumer to check the quality of the goods you are paying for. If they offered targeted audiences then you can check to see if they are real or dummy account by looking at the profile of the person to see if there is any activity going on. Do they have photos of life events? Talk with friends? Share or have people share things with them? All of these are key indicators that there is a person on the other side of the computer screen that may be a potential customer and better yet, someone that will be willing to share your name or brand with friends and increase your visibility in the market.

While target audience likes are better, don’t discount the others right off the bad. Sometimes you can get likes from fake accounts at a cheaper price and many consumers are swayed by just the numbers. Marketing over the years have been using and exploiting the herd mentality. The more someone sees a product being used or the more someone enjoys an artist the more likely they are to enjoy it as well.

To recap; when you purchase Facebook likes guaranteed you need to be an informed buyer and know the difference between just the numbers of like and target audience likes.


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