New and Exciting iPhone app puts R2D2 to Shame


Ten years ago, while I sat in my 12th grade English literature class, if someone had mentioned to me the newest, revolutionizing iPhone app, I would have expected Doc Brown to appear from around the corner! We are living in a culture that is reminiscent of the famous 1985 film, Back to the Future. It is absolutely amazing how technology has expanded within a decade. Remember when cellular phones were bulky and large, had fancy antennas and sported the lovely green screen with black, computerized font? At the time, it was the supreme ideal in technology to have a mobile phone that had a screen. A few years later, the colored screens were introduced along with the ability to surf the Internet on the extremely slow networks.

Add a few more years and the smartphone was introduced to the world of technology. Who can forget the moment in 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the new and exciting iPhone to the world? Suddenly, mobile technology reached new heights! In one cellular phone, it contained the computer technology that far surpassed the computer intelligence of the rocket that put men on the moon! Not only did it have your traditional phone but it also contained an iPod, Internet, E-mails and something named “apps”. It was touch-screen technology that no longer required the use of a single button. Inevitably, Apple earned the world’s attention and the period of the smartphone ensued. Thousands upon thousands of apps have been introduced since the introduction of the iPhone. In fact, the newest and most popular apps are all the rave nowadays! You are not considered a part of the “cool” crowd if you don’t have Candy Crush, Pinterest or Snapchat! And Facebook and Twitter are just a given-they are the basis of social networking and if someone doesn’t have an account, then most people judge them as being the “party pooper” and a social isolationist.

But, I am here to tell you that App Store has done it again. They have released a new and exciting app that is expected to gain immediate success. Let me introduce you to the airScan mobile app– it is a PDF scanner that probably beholds more intelligence then R2D2 of Star Wars. With this app, you can scan absolutely any document and share it with any device, anywhere and anytime. It gives you the option to scan and upload the document to any device or storage unit as a PDF or JPG file. It has voice recognition technology that enables you the option for a quick process whenever you are in a hurry. This would also be ideal to students! Students can now scan their teacher’s notes from the board, scan their reports or notes and save them through this app rather than having to lug a flash drive. So, who needs to use the scanner on the copier machine when you can use the convenience of your iPhone app, airScan mobile? Step into the world of awesomeness and download the new app today! (Also available in Google Play)


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