O2 – The Most Trusted and Reliable Phone Network in the UK


O2 has been an aggressively active company in the mobile phone service industry, and has worked their way up to being known as the most trusted phone network in the UK. The reason this company has seen so much success has been their large variety of available plans, as well as their honesty when dealing with customers – which is a refreshing quality to see today.

Pay Monthly Plans from O2

The most common form of payment people choose for their phone service is a monthly contract, typically one that works the cost of the phone into the monthly bill. As stated above, O2 offers a wide variety of plans, so it should be no surprise to find you can choose from multiple payment options for your phone in order to pay less up front or less over the period of your contract.

The pricing you can expect to see with a 24-month contract plan from O2 falls in the range of £11 per month to £52 per month depending on the phone, plan, and form of payment for the phone. For example, the iPhone 5c base plan starts with unlimited minutes and text messaging and 1GB of data for £17. If you don’t want to pay anything upfront, you can get the phone today and pay an additional £25 per month for 24 months; paying the £600 cost of the phone upfront negates this additional £25 per month.

SIM Only Plans from O2

A lot of people who start a service with O2 often come from another phone company and already have an expensive mobile device they can put to use. Because of this, O2 offers a lot of different SIM Only plans, which only require you to pay for the service – not the phone. These plans are offered in both Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly formats to convenience everyone who may be interested.

SIM only pricing is guaranteed to be quite a bit cheaper than a Pay Monthly contract plan, but you’ll notice it is slightly more expensive than the contract plans if you were to purchase a phone from O2 and pay upfront. Regardless, you can pick between two options for SIM Only, either a locked in 12-month rate or a month to month rate that you can cancel at any time.

The most popular plan is a 12-month deal that costs £11 per month and gives you unlimited texting, 300 minutes, and 250MB of mobile data every month. For a plan that offers a bit more, you can get Unlimited minutes and texting, as well as 2GB of mobile data each month for £26 per month with a 12-month contract; pricing jumps to £36 per month if you choose to pay monthly with no contract.

O2’s Speed to Refresh Offer

You’ve probably noticed that O2 offers very low monthly rates compared to other mobile phone service providers in the UK. One final thing that is worth taking a look at is the Speed to Refresh Offer, which allows you to upgrade your phone every 3 months and continue to pay the same monthly rate. Between the flexible upgrades and affordable pricing – it’s no wonder O2 is such a powerful force in the phone service industry.


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