Outsourced SQL Server Administration: What’s The Catch?

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web data mining 300x133 Outsourced SQL  Server Administration: What’s The Catch?

Outsourcing and offshoring is changing the face of the IT business. With the growth of call centers, more than a decade ago, outsourcing is nothing new. Almost every project that involves information technology hires outside consultants involves outsourcing and offshoring.

Established companies, business, banks, health care, telecommunication, power  and electricity customer service are outsourced and mostly entire departments are moving to foreign based firms. There are also instances that “in house” services are established  and built in foreign countries. Experts stated that traditional outsourcing  can give well established benefits. Outside resources and workforce can undertake projects that the in-house IT people don’t have the time to do or the expertise to handle such projects. With this, it will extend the capabilities of the organization’s IT department and letting it focus on its core work.

There are a lot of advantages of going deep and knowing what is happening on the SQL server. There are several things that can come  out if  everything is done right whether SQL administration is done in house or outsourced –  a.) the SQL server performance will be optimized, b.) the availability of the SQL server is maximized, c.) the server is managed proactively and the crisis mode is reduced. An outsourced SQL server administration firm will give good results when the right things are considered. Some companies are afraid or hesitant about doing any outsource work for their database but there are several reasons  that might open their minds about it.

  •   Cost reduction. This is the primary reason why outsourcing is a good alternative. The company will no longer have to pay people to check and maintain the servers, ensure the server’s security and ensure the consistent power supply. Outsourcing to an IT company that does it exclusively, the business can save money because such firm stake jobs by volume as equivalent to money. The cash flow of the business will improve.
  •  Updated and new technology. SQL firms  which invest in storage can’t afford to let their system shut or go down. These firms will always invest in new technology to prevent any shutdowns that can possibly jeopardize the business and lose some money over it. You don’t have to worry about updating and replacing hardware and software.
  •  Big SQL server administration firms mean that their foundation is solid and the reputation is better. Large IT and server administration firms are experts at what they do. They hire the best people and constantly learn and update their knowledge. They have the means to constantly update hardware and software, they have the ability to back up resources multiple times .
  • Liability reduction. Giving the job to experts will mean less stress and worries on your part but make sure that you and the SQL admin firm are operating within a solid contract that will protect you in case of data loss. All necessary precautions should be discussed and all the back up plans should be met.
  • Lower price because of competition. The company will have the option to choose  the firm with the best price with the best and solid service available. It lowers the overhead cost and if the service provider does not meet your needs, you can always switch to a better SQL server administration firm.
  • Better security. Knowing that security measures, software and hardware are regularly updated will give you the peace of mind and never worry about hacker attacks and security leaks.

These are just some of the reasons and advantages of outsourcing database management and administration to third party firms. Research who are the best in the field or get referrals to ensure that you will get the best service at the best price.


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