Samsung Galaxy S5 release date, news, rumors, specs and price

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The mobile phone market is one of the most cutthroat markets out there, as manufacturers such as Apple, Nokia, Samsung and HTC are all trying to outdo one another. While Apple use to dominate the category, as it essentially invented the smartphone market, this is no longer the case, and many individuals consider the Samsung S4 the most powerful, desirable phone out there. However, with the iPhone 5S (and 5C – a cheaper model with fewer features) set to come out in the middle of September, there are rumors about what the new Samsung S5 will have in store for customer. Of course, a good number of these aspects will be known after the iPhone 5S comes out, as Samsung will know what it has to improve in order to maintain its top spot as the best mobile phone on the market, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor million from churning out possible specs, features and release dates regarding the device.

When it comes to the release date, there is nothing really pointing to an exact date. Samsung generally releases a new device once a year, which means the S5 will probably hit the markets sometime in the spring of 2014. Samsung still has to release the next Galaxy Note, which is basically a larger version of the S4. This device is also going to point what direction the S5 is going to go in, as the Note typically has improved specs and a more powerful processor than the smaller S models.

One of the most common rumors that has come out is the design including a metal case, which will be a desirable upgrade for many individuals. Currently, the plastic backing does make it easy to remove the battery and perform other tasks, but it gives the phone a rather cheap appearance and feel, when compared to the HTC One and the iPhone. A metal case design would really help give it an external professional field, instead of the somewhat amateur looking design it has now.

The Galaxy S5 is also expected to have an improved 16-megapizel camera with optical image stabilization as well, which should be a bonus for those people who love taking pictures with their cell phones.

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