Software to Manage Risk

Risk analysis based tools offer project managers pre-emptive insights into managing risk in projects where such control is paramount. Such tools are available to managers of geo-disperse teams whom manage complex projects in such industries as oil and gas, offshore, construction, energy and more.

Risk management specialists are said to be proficient in mitigating risk based on a series of predefined protocols. Such protocols as HAZOP exist where specific definitions exist related to hazardous project parameters. Traditionally these were used in chemical engineering, but more recently the definition or use has spread to other industries.

Managing risk can be managed using software tools, some of which are more focused on such matters. Not every software tool out there is capable of managing such complex projects. Often these tools will require onsite training but other times not so, if at least the project manager has some technical knowledge.

Critical path analysis may form some parts of project management, and indeed so where multiple simultaneous projects or tasks are running in sync. Recent innovation in online software tools now make managing more complex risk based projects possible such tools are offered from WebActionHero.

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WebActionHero offers an action management reporting tool, whereby team members and those responsible for project delivery can ensure that risk is reduced or eliminated. Various dashboards offer a view of tasks that require immediate attention. For example a rusty valve that needs replacing on a propane tank, a loose railing etc. these tasks can be assigned to single people or numerous stakeholders involved.
Of course managing risk through software is not as straight forward as simply creating projects, but having the right tools will enable effective oversight and ensure less risk. The more complex and more people involved makes using software based tools more intelligent as far as business decisions go.


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