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Crime Scene Investigation: 360 Photos are the Wave of the Future Crime Scene Investigation: 360 Photos are the Wave of the Future(0)

Technological advances have certainly made their mark on law enforcement for the better.  Evidence processing improvements, crime databases, and other technology are making it easier for crimes to be solved, as less is left to chance. Another way that technology can benefit law enforcement is through the use of 360-degree panoramic photos taken at crime […]

Hot Tips for Buying CCTV Dome Cameras Hot Tips for Buying CCTV Dome Cameras(0)

Dome cameras have become the most popular security camera type for securing both the home and business.  Their ease of mounting, aesthetically pleasing looks, and total flexibility have made them the go to camera type in the surveillance industry.  The surveillance market place is drowned in all types of dome cameras that are manufactured all […]

Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Review Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Review(0)

This camera is simply amazing. I have owned it for a few years now and currently there is a newer version out that has more megapixels but since is the one I use for my photography, this is what I will be reviewing. Simply put, the reason I chose this camera over others when I […]

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