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Instagram’s Speed on Amazon EC2 Improved With the Help of SSDs Instagram’s Speed on Amazon EC2 Improved With the Help of SSDs(0)

According to a co-founder of Instagram on Thursday at the GigaOm Mobilize conference in San Francisco, the now-popular photo-sharing service can transfer data to its computing system on’s EC2 sevice 20 times as fast with solid-state drives. Instead of using the old method to access data from networked hard disk drives, Instagram’s server instances […]

Wooden Wireless Keyboard Wooden Wireless Keyboard(0)

With the invention of Modern computing devices the style and the sleekness went away with the typewriter. Modern PC and other computer devices come with plastic keyboards and accessories that have replaced the wonderful chrome of the typewriters. It was only Apple that tried to bring some style back into computer devices; otherwise aesthetics were […]

Community College Granted $5 Million to Train Cybersecurity Professionals Community College Granted $5 Million to Train Cybersecurity Professionals(0)

The US National Science Foundation just gave $5 million grant to Prince George’s Community College in Maryland to address a major concern in cybersecurity circles. This four-year grant was announced in late September and is a part of the partnership between the community college and the NSF. In 2005 the agency gave the college a […]

4 Monitor Green Computer Build 4 Monitor Green Computer Build(0)

About a year ago I decided it was time to build a new computer. I have added a few monitors over the past few months and thought I would share the build with you. In the near future I may be putting a tutorial of how to build a personal computer.

How to Change Your External IP Address How to Change Your External IP Address(0)

It has been some time now that I have been trying to change my external IP address. This is the IP address that is displayed when you Google “what is my ip” or more formally known as the WAN IP address (wide area network). I could get my IP to change but it required over […]

Mac and Linux Computers are Being Targeted by a New Malware Mac and Linux Computers are Being Targeted by a New Malware(0)

If you are a user of Linux or MacOS and believe you are totally immune to viruses and malwares, you need to think again. When both Linux and Mac systems are in fact more secure than their Windows counterparts, they are not totally invulnerable. Recently, hackers have released a new malware targeting Linux and Mac […]

Phenom II X6 Review Phenom II X6 Review(0)

This video is a little old now but this is the same processor that I am currently running in my computer. I have personally been able to overclock mine to 3.85GHz stable but I could not reach 4.0. This is most likely due to a faulty motherboard. Anyway, this video review found on Youtube does […]

8 must have computer programs 8 must have computer programs(2)

We all have those certain programs or widgets that are used on a daily basis. Some of them even change the way that we use technology or enable us to multitask or be more productive. There are even those programs out there that provide such simplicity of use than anyone can pick them up in […]

Facebook Picture Hack Facebook Picture Hack(0)

Today I am going to show you guys how to backtrack from a URL given to someones Facebook profile. If someone gives you a picture with a URL like this… Then you take THIS number… and you add it to the end of… like this… When you hit enter you will be taken to […]

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