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Things They Didn’t Tell You About The iPad Things They Didn’t Tell You About The iPad(0)

Without a doubt, the iPad and all its generations is one of the hottest gadgets to hit the tech market in recent history. Everyone wants one, for many different reasons, but mostly to appear modern and included in the world’s digital revolution. But whatever your reasons are to get an iPad, what’s important is that […]

Top 3 Tablets Of 2012 Top 3 Tablets Of 2012(0)

Forget low cost deceptive tablets with no Play Store, an unusable screen and low performance. Now, for 199 dollars, you have a tablet equipped with a 4 core tegra 3 processor and a high definition screen. Nexus 7, iPad Mini or Kindle Fire, you must choose wisely because they each have their strong points.   […]

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