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Things to Watch Out For in the IPhone 5S Things to Watch Out For in the IPhone 5S(0)

Smartphones have been around us for about two decades and their usefulness does not seem to wane for even a fraction. In fact, its importance in the conduct of our daily lives is steadily increasing, edging out most obsolete devices in terms of usability. It has exceeded its purpose as a telephony device meant to […]

Why it’s Important to Back Up Your iPhone Why it’s Important to Back Up Your iPhone(0)

The importance in backing up your iPhone to prevent the loss of personal data of the owner, in which, the event of possible power loss or accidentally erasing memory your data can be retrieved. Backup strategy is imperative for your iPhone due to the average owner have massive data and apps that if power loss […]

How to Clean Your iPhone How to Clean Your iPhone(0)

When you have a smartphone, such as Apple’s iPhone, it is important that you care for it so the device would last you many years.  One easy way to care for your iPhone smartphone is not buy a bunch of different products to keep it safe from possible damages, while that undoubtedly still is important, […]

3 Things That Can Transform Your iPhone Into A Mobile Office 3 Things That Can Transform Your iPhone Into A Mobile Office(0)

With our current era’s incredible range of gadgets and devices available, the modern professional can usually have a small laptop, notebook, or tablet easily available for those moments when work unexpectedly pops up. But if you need something on you at all times that will allow you to scan, fax, print, and type emails and […]

4 Old School Games Still Wildly Popular On The iPhone 4 Old School Games Still Wildly Popular On The iPhone(0)

Videogames have undergone the most drastic change of any entertainment medium in the last 30 years, going from crudely pixilated characters with only the barest passing resemblance to human beings, to an HD wonderland with stories written by the highest-level Hollywood screenwriters and voiced by world-class actors. Despite the paradigm-shifting transformation in gaming technology, games […]

Are In-App Purchases Ruining Mobile Software? Are In-App Purchases Ruining Mobile Software?(0)

The in-app purchase (IAP) seemed like such an innocent concept when it was first introduced. Want a little more from your app? Make a small purchase, and it’s all yours. The resultant problem was that soon, developers were monetising the smallest aspects of their software, and worse, actually limiting basic functionality until regular payments started […]

The iPhone 5 and Its Panoramic Camera The iPhone 5 and Its Panoramic Camera(0)

Panoramic photography is a photography technique using specialized equipment or software that captures images with elongated fields of view. In other words, panoramic photography is more or less wide format photography. Photos taken using panoramic photography generally have aspect ratios of around 2:1 or higher. As an example, wider panoramic photos may have an aspect […]

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