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How useful is a tablet? How useful is a tablet?(0)

So a few days ago I was with a friend having coffee at Starbucks when I pulled out my Nexus 7 to check my Facebook account. I am not a Facebook fanatic like some people, but even then my friend looked at me. “Whats the point?” She said. I replied “in what…” she said, “with […]

5 Reasons You Should Buy A Nook HD+ 5 Reasons You Should Buy A Nook HD+(0)

With new contenders entering the tablet market each day, it can be increasingly difficult to discover the machine that’s best suited for your particular needs. This is especially true if you’re looking for a good entry-level device that can gradually introduce you to the tablet world, but isn’t too underpowered that it can’t hold up […]

Top 3 Tablets Of 2012 Top 3 Tablets Of 2012(0)

Forget low cost deceptive tablets with no Play Store, an unusable screen and low performance. Now, for 199 dollars, you have a tablet equipped with a 4 core tegra 3 processor and a high definition screen. Nexus 7, iPad Mini or Kindle Fire, you must choose wisely because they each have their strong points.   […]

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