The All New Samsung Galaxy SIV

The most appreciated and beloved smartphone in Germany is the Galaxy S Series. The previous flagship phone Galaxy SIII is the reason why Samsung ruled the German mobile market with almost 37 percent as its users by the end of 2012, according to Telecompaper. Will that change this year now that the Galaxy SIV is available for pre-order from various phone service providers across the globe?  Not to mention that a lot of people have just purchased Galaxy SIII prior to the release of its successor.


samsung galaxy s4

A Powerful and Robust Smartphone

The major selling point of the Galaxy SIV is its 8-core processor. The 8-core CPU consists of two separate Quad-core processors combined in a single chip, Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7. Some extremely bulky games having rich 3D graphics may require higher GPU acceleration and with a processor like this, expect blazing speed with regard to its performance.  Alongside its CPU, the device packs 2 gigabytes of RAM and a 4G LTE network connectivity. In the German Region, two major carriers are offering LTE or Long Term Evolution of 4G network: O2 and Vodafone. Depending on the location, if you are lucky, you might be able to achieve up to 100Mbps of download speed. When streaming billiard tournaments, you no longer need to put the videos on YouTube on pause or other billiard sites and wait for it to completely load before playing. Plus, with the device’s rich 1080p HD display, the experience is comparable to watching videos in a full-fledged HDTV. For online games like Billiards Empire, you can expect zero to minimal lag while accessing its full spectrum of billiard tournaments with a simple virtual billiard gallery interface. Samsung Galaxy SIV will deliver a more realistic billiard game play as if you are in land-based billiard halls like Billard Café Insel and Billard Galerie Kiel in Germany. And because Galaxy SIV is powered by the latest flavor of Android Jellybean OS v4.2.2, you can install your favorite games such as Billiards Empire and Candy Crush Saga with ease.

Great Built-in Camera and More Room for Storage

Both the rear and front cameras are capable of capturing 1080p HD videos. The resolution of the rear camera is 13 megapixels, and on the front, 2 megapixels. With 1080p, your captured videos will look sharp and unpixelated even when exhibited in movie theatres. With that, film enthusiasts can produce an independent short film with the Samsung Galaxy SIV that might even qualify for the annual Berlin Film Festival. “The Samsung Galaxy S4 camera is a big upgrade over other sensors it has put into phones, and with a 13MP sensor you can see why. It is capable of taking some stunning photos and comes with a decent auto mode, which allows you to get really great shots no matter what the framing. This means you can be taking a picture of a landscape one minute, then trying to get an extreme close up of a daffodil the next, and the Galaxy S4 camera will handle both with aplomb. There are also a number of clever modes available on the handset that take their UI cues from the Samsung Galaxy Camera, meaning that a quick tap of the ‘Mode’ button below the on screen shutter will give you a scrollable wheel of options to choose from.” (Gareth Beavis)


This phone is a high-end device, and an expensive one. When it comes to killer features, this phone is a true winner that will definitely “kill” the iPhone 5. However, as a brand new device, this is an expensive one. Will this appeal to the German mobile market with its predecessor as its no. 1 competitor? Only time will tell. Let us look back after a quarter to see the difference.



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