The Best Bible Apps for Android

There are so many Bible apps out there for the Android OS. So many people are studying the Bible, reading it daily, and like to keep it close to them for any occasion.

I have decided to create a list for you all about the best Bible apps for Android that I have found. They are all free and should suit your purposes just fine. The list follows below!

1. Bible

holy bible 1

This is one of the most popular Bible apps on Google Play because of all the options that are available to you. There are over a hundred Bible versions with lots of reading plans and languages. You can also highlight passages and bookmarks that you find impressive and leave private or public notes.

Get it free right here.

2. Bible-Discovery

holy bible 2

Bible-Discovery is an Android app that is rich in features for an offline Bible as well as a study tool. This app was designed just for those people who need more than just skimming around the Bible. It helps provide understanding of specific Bible verses and what the original message was meant to be.

Download this Android Bible app right here for free!


holy bible 3

This free Bible app is available to you with the most translations of any Bible app ever. It includes over 600 languages as well as audio. It also comes with an interesting project called the jesus film project.

Download free from Google Play.

4. Bible Study

holy bible 4

This Bible app is meant for people who want to learn from scholars that includes maps and dictionaries offline. This is the perfect app if you want to highlight versus, notes, or bookmark your favorite passages. This is one of the best bible Study apps available.

Install Bible Study from here.

5. Bible Quotes

holy bible 5

Bible Quotes is the app that will give you the very best verses from your favorite book, the Bible! Each quote is meant to give you meaning and inspire you. Quotes are often updated and it comes with many features.

Get it for free at Google Play!


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