The Importance Of Backing Up Your Data


Backing up your business data is not just a big deal, it is of the utmost importance. I know you have probably heard a million times from family, friends, and even business colleagues that you need to keep backups of your data. If you are sitting there thinking that you are always careful and that you would never need to keep backups, think again.

To share a little story about myself, I run a few internet businesses, one of them being a content site. One late night, I was clicking away at the keyboard and was just about to finish my day with over 30 thousand words written that day. It had been a very long day of being focused and it was all coming to an end. I made my last pot of coffee and when I came back to my computer, my computer had all of a sudden shut down. When I attempted to turn it back on, nothing had happened. After some trouble shooting I realized the worst had happened, my hard drive had failed. I had not kept any backups anywhere so all that work was gone.

If this sounds familiar or something that you would not like to happen to you, here are a few recommendations to back up your business files.

On Site Backup: For most companies, they use external hard drives where all their company data is copied to on periodic bases. These should not be stored at the company itself but at an offsite location and put into a safe on the weekends. This is a very low cost and easy solution to back up your files.

Online Backup: My personal favorite solution ever since my disaster of losing all my hard work has been online back up to the cloud. Services typically charge a fee for how much data can be stored and everything is very accessible at any time from the cloud on the internet. These are not stored by you or your company but by a third party. I highly suggest you get in touch with a Business IT Support company if you want to hear more about this solution.

Do not let yourself be the cause of all your data going to waste or into limbo. We all make mistakes but this should not set back your business.


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