Top 3 Tablets Of 2012

Forget low cost deceptive tablets with no Play Store, an unusable screen and low performance. Now, for 199 dollars, you have a tablet equipped with a 4 core tegra 3 processor and a high definition screen.

Nexus 7, iPad Mini or Kindle Fire, you must choose wisely because they each have their strong points.


The One We like Best

Nexus 7

nexus 7 tablet 300x225 Top 3 Tablets Of 2012

The Nexus 7 has quickly established itself as the benchmark for 7inch android tablets. High-definition screen, very comfortable (but fragile), particularly powerful hardware and a joy to play games, Nexus 7 has many ways to seduce you.

Google has revised its storage and price policy. For 199 dollars, you will now have 16GB of storage instead of the old 8 GB. One more reason for you to get this tablet.



The Alternative

iPad Mini

ipad mini 300x225 Top 3 Tablets Of 2012

The lack of Retina and high pixel density is exceeded by its two competitors. If the iPad Mini has a lower resolution and performance against a Nexus 7, the new Apple tablet is nonetheless an iPad! IPad is also marketed below 340 euros and has a remarkable finish. Thinner and lighter than its direct competition, the iPad Mini offers a screen much larger and versatile with a 4:3 aspect ratio (against 16:9) with 7.9 inches.

The Apple machine is not the best choice money wise, but there is no doubt it’s one of the best 7 inch tablets.



The Alternative On A “Budget”

Kindle Fire

the kindle fire 300x225 Top 3 Tablets Of 2012

Spld for 159 dollars with advertising on the unlock screen (extra 15 dollars without publicity), the Kindle Fire 8 GB tablet is the most aggressive in our selection. If you want a tablet that does the “job” for most purposes while enjoying kiosks and content from Amazon, the Kindle Fire is for you. With its simple interface, it will please everyone as it will act like a USB and you can put content on it with no problems. You will have to accept its inextensible 8GB memory (or go to the Fire HD 16 and 32 GB) and its weight which is quite high


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