Top 5 free Android 3D parking games

The application website Intellectuapp did a little research and selected top 5 free Android 3D parking games. Here is the list.


1. Bus Parking 3D

parking 1 Top 5 free Android 3D parking games

The most downloaded and best rated parking game on Google Play sits on the top of our list. Although ads do interfere a bit too much, Bus Parking 3D is the most interesting parking game out there. Good graphics, simple controls and interesting levels. There are more levels coming in the future also, can’t wait for the update.

Google Play Download Link


2. Parking3d

parking 2 Top 5 free Android 3D parking games

Parking3d is a very addictive, interesting and at the same time a very helpful game. If you have parking problems, this game will help you, as it gives you real parking tasks. It’s easy to navigate and it has very good gameplay. Also not only the graphics is awesome and you can view the car in every possible angle, you can also sit in the car and get a real driver’s view. Cool game which offers number of difficult and interesting levels.


Google Play Download Link


3. Parking Challenge 3D [Lite]

parking 3 Top 5 free Android 3D parking games

It’s the free version of Parking Challenge 3D (which costs $0,86) and it is definitely worth trying. You can choose from 4 vehicles, even a bus, and the graphics and game play are pretty awesome. Actually the graphics are the best part of the game, you’ll enjoy it. The controls on Parking Challenge 3D [Lite] will be strange for you at the start, but you’ll get use to them. Nice game but when you get to level 20, you need to buy the game in order to continue. Have that in mind!

Google Play Download Link


4. RealParking3D

parking 4 Top 5 free Android 3D parking games

RealParking3D is really great parking game. It’s maybe the most realistic from all of the previous 3. Interesting levels and environments followed by great graphics and sound effects. A lot of users are complaining that the game freezes when you click next level (we didn’t have this problem), and also that the game because really hard on the last 10 or so levels (we can confirm this). It’s a good game which we hope that with the next update will be better!

Google Play Download Link


5. Precision Driving

parking 55 Top 5 free Android 3D parking games

Not impressive graphics, but simple and easy driving. The controls on Precision Driving are pretty good and the game is interesting also. Precision Driving is a bit hard though, as I’m stuck on level 23 and I can’t pass it. The time limitations adds more pressure and makes the game even more interesting, but sometimes more frustrating also.

Google Play Download Link

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#1YoyoJune 18, 2013, 2:53 pm

Love duty driver lite

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