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Fun, Funny & Free Android Apps Fun, Funny & Free Android Apps(0)

There are 845,607 apps on Google Play, according to App Brain, so you certainly have a wide selection of apps when you need some smartphone entertainment. However, that number doesn’t tell you how many are actually worth your time and memory space on your smartphone. Here are some of our favorite free Android apps that […]

4 Language Apps For Your Mobile Device 4 Language Apps For Your Mobile Device(0)

Modern technology has made learning a second language easier than ever before, and the prevalence of smartphones and tablets has only increased this accessibility. If you’re a budding student of a foreign language and you’re looking to squeeze in a little study time wherever your schedule affords, you definitely want to take advantage of the […]

4 Apps For Your Next Apartment Hunt 4 Apps For Your Next Apartment Hunt(0)

Once upon a time, finding a new place to call home involved sifting through the rental listings of a newspaper and circling the ones you found appealing. You called for an appointment, updated your schedule for some time later in the week, and had plenty of time to consider other possibilities. These days—especially in urban […]

Best of the Best: BlackBerry Q10 App Must-haves Best of the Best: BlackBerry Q10 App Must-haves(0)

The Blackberry Q10 is the new standard for smartphones. The iconic QWERTY keyboard on the is bigger and easier than ever to use and the device boasts the largest battery of any Blackberry previously manufactured. It’s everything Blackberry users love with a sleek, durable design and new time-saving features that will win any user’s heart. […]

Math Problem? There’s an App for that! Math Problem? There’s an App for that!(0)

Gone are the days when pulling out a phone in class results in teachers confiscating the device. In fact, many teachers now ask their students to make use of their smart-phones to look up the definition of a word, find an educational clip on YouTube or even text the due date of a test or […]

3 Free Camera Apps For Your Next Hike 3 Free Camera Apps For Your Next Hike(0)

Smartphones have taken a tremendous leap forward in the last couple of years regarding camera quality. What used to be little more than a novelty feature has become one of the most polished and useful functions on your mobile device, and has made serious inroads into replacing stand alone digital cameras entirely. If you’re one […]

8 best Apps for Travelers 8 best Apps for Travelers(2)

Going away on vacation? Really don’t leave home without having these amazing travel applications! Just forget about maps: from now on, if you are traveling, the only thing you will need is technology. The list of must haves, in order to plan your trip, never get lost and stay in touch with your friends and […]

4 Of The Most Expensive Android App Categories 4 Of The Most Expensive Android App Categories(0)

When most of us swipe our finger across the Google Play icon on our tablet or smartphone, we’re usually browsing for a few new apps that are attractive, interesting, and—most of all—free. Occasionally, a particularly well-done app will convince us to hand over the monetary equivalent of our daily caffeinated beverage, but rarely do the […]

4 Android Apps For Your Next Drive 4 Android Apps For Your Next Drive(0)

With the endless supply of apps available for the Android market, it should come as no surprise that there are many aspects of your life that your smartphone can assist you with. If you’re just starting to get your digital wings regarding gadget use, you may not be aware of the handy apps that can […]

3 Reasons To Buy Apps Instead Of Using The Free Versions 3 Reasons To Buy Apps Instead Of Using The Free Versions(0)

If you’re like most of us, you probably have dozens—if not hundreds—of free apps on your smartphone or tablet. We all like to get something for nothing, and being able to browse an app store and sample the wide variety of free programs makes your gadget feel like a digital library that never closes. However, […]

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