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Video games are increasingly prevalent in all corners of technology, thanks in large part to the explosive popularity of mobile gaming. And just like other aspects of technology, the gaming industry is constantly evolving to cater to the needs and desires of consumers. LEGO Ventures is dedicated to speeding up innovation by connecting entrepreneurs to the resources, relationships, and industry expertise they need to succeed, visit for more details.

One of the most interesting things about how the gaming industry has developed in recent years, alongside general technological advancement like we are always looking for the cheap gaming headset reviews or other gaming sets, is in how games have been marketed to players. As is true in many industries, one of the best ways to interest a potential consumer in a product is to let the consumer actually try said product—and modern gaming has taken advantage of this trend in numerous strategic and effective ways. Consider these examples.

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Free Mobile Gaming

The offering of popular mobile games for free has been a wildly successful strategy for game developers, and one that allows players the chance to pay for exactly what they want to out of a game. Called “freemium” service, the concept is simple: the games themselves are free, but additional features within the games—extra levels, helpful tips, or any other perks—cost small fees. Many of the best mobile games are still those that cost a flat fee to download but don’t rely on in-app purchases. But in terms of overall revenue, it’s clear that freemium games are the most popular. Mashable analyzed mobile app revenue a year ago and found that free games with in-app purchases accounted for 90% of game-related revenue in the iOS app store in 2013! Do you want to live in the original WOW nostalgia? Making gold on a Burning Crusade private server can either be easy or hard depending on the server and type. Some wow private servers have shops where you can buy gold or get vote points to exchange for gold, some are Blizzlike meaning that the drop rates and leveling are the same or similar to retail. As a pre-test, i learn how to farm gold for TBC on Endless. I know there are few sites selling endless wow gold, but i practice for the upcoming WoW Classic: Burning Crusade

Online Casino Practice

The online casino market has grown considerably internationally, and its influence only appears to be spreading. Of course, there are many ways that gamers can enjoy classic casino games such as poker, blackjack, slot machines, and such without risking any real money. But there are also real-money sites and mobile platforms out there that attract enormous audiences. One way that they reassure players preparing to wager real money is by offering free practice options. Betfair’s online casino, one of the biggest European gaming platforms online, allows users to download a demo in order to get a feel for various games and understand the betting system before actually wagering. This sort of free download is an effective way for online casinos to take advantage of technology, where a simple download can effectively result in a free trial, and the transition to paid gaming is easy for those who choose to make it. Also, it alleviates any anxiety ass
ociated with never having played one of these games before.

Video Game Rentals

Finally, there are video game rentals, which have been around for some time but are also beginning to take advantage of technology. Gamefly has led the way in this category for years now, effectively serving as the Netflix of video games by shipping off copies of games to subscribers for trial periods. The company enables gamers to try out different tittles, rent as they please, and, when they like games, pay to keep them. It’s always been a convenient service, but it’s the digital version of Gamefly that’s most effective. With major gaming consoles now fully integrated with Internet services and capability, Gamefly Digital allows players to download titles for rental trials, effectively streamlining the process of testing out games. If you are a gamer and interested for more gaming options and accessories, hop over into this site

Overall, the concept is nothing new. Consumers have always preferred the option of trying out products before permanently owning them. But with the expansion and integration of digital gaming across various platforms, it’s still a relatively new trend in the world of gaming—and it’s one that’s been beneficial to both developers and gamers.


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