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Now, Apple TV users have the ability to enjoy a greater range of programming, including shows such as “Girls” and “Game of Thrones,” as well as sporting events such as “Monday Night Football,” golf tournaments and the tennis “Grand Slam.” The addition of HBO Go and WatchESPN to the Apple TV lineup has the potential to change the concept of streaming television.

The Juicy Details

HBO Go is an application that offers on-demand access to HBO’s exclusive programming from your cable tv provider, according to an Apple press release. Viewers will still be required to pay the subscription fee for HBO Go, but those with Apple TVs will be able to get around the extra cost of a cable subscription. WatchESPN is a similar on-demand app that provides access to all kinds of sports programming. As Apple explains, HBO Go and WatchESPN are two of the most popular streaming apps on the iPad and iPhone, so it only makes sense for them to be available on Apple TV, as well, read here to learn more about this.

Although the addition of HBO Go and WatchESPN has received the overwhelming majority of the attention related to the recent changes for the Apple TV, there are also additional notable apps that have joined the Apple lineup, as well. Additional content providers that will now be available on Apple TV include Crunchyroll, Qello and Sky News.

Apple TV’s Impact on the Television Market

Apple has long been a force for change in a wide array of industries. It’s hard for some to remember, but prior to the release of the iPod, listening to and purchasing music was a whole lot different than it is today. The same can be said for television, which is currently in the midst of major changes — many of which are being spurred, as usual, through Apple. As current CEO Tim Cook has made clear, Apple is working hard to make television an affordable prospect for the masses. And thus far, it appears to be succeeding, for, owners of the Apple TV are largely able to avoid expenses related to cable subscriptions.

This isn’t to say that Apple TV will be responsible for the complete decimation of cable television — proponents of Apple TV have responded to criticism by showing that, in some ways, the growth of Apple TV could be a promising prospect for cable providers such as These providers have found that installing box tops (and then retrieving them if and when cable subscribers choose to end their service) is incredibly expensive. But Apple TV owners who choose to continue their cable service don’t require box tops from their cable companies. For the best TV experience research VIZIO options.

Apple TV has already succeeded in changing the television market, but it’s not ready to stop there. Proof exists in the form of the addition of HBO Go and WatchESPN to the Apple TV’s lineup.

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