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How Do EMF Protection Devices Protect You from Dangerous Health Effects


As more information becomes known by the general public, certain fears arise and grow and sometimes fade away again. Several years ago, at the beginning of the rise in popularity of wireless devices, no one was thinking of the potential dangers of EMF radiation. Recently, however, the additional information about these waves have rekindled more substantial public fear.

Public reaction and the current trend in fear should not be your deciding factor on whether to take action to protect yourself from the possible health risks of EMF radiation or not. Instead, do some research yourself and understand how important it is to protect yourself now.

What is an EMF?

EMF is the abbreviation for electromagnetic field, which is something that every electronic object has. The earth itself and even human beings emit EMFs, but the more concerning ones come from wireless devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops.

EMF stands for “electromagnetic field.” So far, the topic is innocent enough. An EMF is a force field around an object, created by an electric charge. This electric charge, a combination of electricity and magnetism, affects the behavior of objects within its field. EMFs can be either non-ionizing or ionizing, and the two types have different threat levels. Nonionizing waves, such as those from radios and microwaves, have been considered detrimental to your health in mild ways. However, ionizing EMFs, such as x-rays and ultraviolet light, are definitely unsafe. If you have ever had an x-ray, you might remember putting on a heavy lead vest to protect yourself from these negative EMF waves.

Health Effects Caused by EMF

The vast array of electronic devices in use every day, it is essential to determine if there EMF fields cause health risks. The main worries include the EMFs having carcinogenic properties, negative effects on reproductive health and neurological problems associated with excess use of the devices. This also implies that it is a far cry and reasons to visit a naturopath to evade the symptoms and the effects of EMF on the human body. The companies, who research and develop these EMF protection devices, understand that taking preventative measures against the possibility of these health problems is wise.

Use an EMF Shield to Stay Safe

The most convenient type of EMF protection is a physical barrier constructed specifically to reflect or absorb the EMF radiation. Several companies sell a variety of screens for your laptops, televisions and computer monitors. Smaller ones are available to shield you from EMF activity emanating from your cell phone. Eye, face and body shields in the form of aprons or other items of clothing are available for those who work with regular EMF. More unique applications have been created, such as bed canopies and even paint which helps shield people from these rays.


Many people do not want to augment their home or devices on the general thought that there might be a dangerous EMF around, but instead use a detection device to make sure first. Many sources sell convenient EMF meters that can be used on your person or in a room in order to let you know how high the frequency levels are for the electromagnetic waves nearby.

It is possible to reduce the amount of EMF radiation you come in contact with every day. Operate electronic devices at a distance of at least 12 inches. Do not spend as much time using electronics and, when you do, use one of the many EMF shields or protectors on the market today. All of these smart practices can help protect you from the negative effects of EMF.

As more information is found about the effects EMF radiation has on our bodies and minds, scientists develop more effective ways of protecting people from them. Do not panic, and do not throw out your cell phone and laptop. Simply take a few intelligent measures to minimize your exposure to EMF.


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