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In today’s fast-paced business environment, convenience is equally important to customers and businesses alike. When consumers research their products and commit to a purchase without leaving the sofa, and employees are in and out of the office several times a week, businesses can soon be left behind if they don’t cater to these recent changes.

Many businesses can address these issues with a centralised, online platform for collaborative work and file sharing – tackling everything from the development of new products and services to the tracking of a customer’s purchase. Online collaboration tools come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of different features, but they generally offer a number of benefits to business owners and employees alike.

Clear and quick collaboration

When viewing and editing files in an online collaboration tool, any comments can be saved and displayed next to the content they relate to. Often, the latest comments and amendments can also be viewed from the main dashboard of the client portal. And to make things more time-efficient when several employees are working on a single piece of work, email alerts can usually be set up to notify all relevant parties when a change has been made.

It’s easy to share files…

Usually, anyone with access to the client or customer portal will be able to upload their files to a centralised, secure location. This is preferable to alternative platforms like email, as it ensures compliance with privacy laws and provides immediate access to the files for any number of clients, employees or customers. Whether you are sharing the latest performance report, a company-wide communication or a customer’s invoice, documents can be viewed online quickly and easily, without no other software required.

…And edit them

Many online collaboration tools offer employees the opportunity to work collaboratively with ease. An online document editor will often allow for instant editing and saving of files, without the need to download and upload new versions. What’s more, employees or clients will also be able to track any changes and view all previous versions of the file – both with quickness and ease.

Easy communication

An online portal not only allows your employees to work collaboratively, but it can also provide a quick and simple platform for communications with customers or within your business. Customers will be able to contact you without making a phone call or visiting you in person, and employees will usually be able to communicate in real-time through a live chat system. Furthermore, while working collaboratively your employees could tag one other to bring certain changes or pieces of content to their attention.

An online collaboration tool is essential for any business looking to work dynamically and time-efficiently in today’s fast-paced environment.


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