Must-have Work Process Tech Platforms for Telecommuter Pros such as Mobile Voip


Corresponding, coordinating and collaborating with various other professionals from company workstations is the normal workplace equation many people are familiar with. However, owing to technological advances made along VoIP telecom (e.g. in recent years, business owners have come to enlighten themselves with the brighter prospects offered by being able to hire professional talent from the rich ecosystem that is the web.

The telecommuter workforce is a highly competent one worldwide that has successfully entitled itself with the professional capability to perform excellently in various jobs without having to go through the trouble of traveling long or short distances to workplaces. Their valued expertise is commonly practiced gainfully as companies hire them via work-from-home set-ups. There are telecommuters who travel a lot in line with their work but just the same, they do so with utmost efficiency and productivity. To become a competent telecommuter pro however, you need to measure up to certain professional standards and business practices.

The technical backbone

Telecommuter work pivots around online technology and its various other internet-related technological conveniences that aid professional specializations and collaborative work. In order for telecommuting pros to be able to deliver on time, collaborated in real time, interact concurrently and execute projects adequately, they need to subscribe to certain tech platforms for their work to conform to industry standards.

As matters of professional efficiency and productivity, these tech platforms are crucial to any telecommuter and therefore the ones that any pro must have in his/her arsenal:

  1. Cloud-based tech. Telecommuters could work from any region in the world but their physical presence in companies are not as much needed and could come in the form of the products of whatever expertise they have. It is therefore more important for the telecommuter to have global access to companies via interactive online media and message retrieval systems driven by cloud tech. This kind of tech negates physical distance and location and could very well enable telecommuters to connect to companies and coworkers via VoIP in telecom systems from anywhere anytime for as long as there is web access.
  2. Software. Up to date software and electronic media equipment are vital tools that enable telecommuters to execute work online, correspond and coordinate with remote coworkers. Licensed software is a necessity for file making of various file types and there are just as varied software available for purchase online or freely downloadable as well as those you could subscribe to via software as service in some cloud tech applications. Industry standard software is the only acceptable software for making various kinds of online files.
  3. Broadband technology and enterprise VoIP. A strong broadband connection is also necessary so that telecommuters could access information and have a reliable way of connecting and collaborating with their remote location coworkers. This is the infrastructure from where the enterprise VoIP goes through in the virtual PBX. In a virtual office set-up that is commonly the mode of telecommuting that takes place in such work arrangements, a broadband connection and devices specified to company VoIP systems are the only ways to ably conference with separate location coworkers that offer interaction in real time.
  4. Mobile app system integration. A telecommuter’s mobile devices such as smartphones, phablets, business NBN and tablets all have various business productivity and info apps that help make them the efficient and productive workers that they should be in any circumstance. The usual enterprise VoIP system like RingCentral, for example, allows mobile device users to specify their devices to systems so that the VoIP features get extended to their telecom tools. This makes work easier for everybody else in the loop that needs to communicate constantly with telecommuters.

Telecommuters and online technologies can never be divorced from one another. It is the only way for such pros to get work done for companies that hire them.



Leslie Young is a Blogger, web designer and developer for 3years.  She contributes her work to some blog sites that is related to her field of work. She usually writes about business communication, telecommunications such as business phones and cloud phones, as well as all the latest gadgets including smartphones and tablets.  Follow her on Twitter, Facebook & Google+.


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